Thomas Nelson CEO: Lynne Spears ‘Memoir’ Will Be Released

Thomas Nelson, the publisher behind the book ’ mother Lynne is set to release next year, is now saying the book won’t be shelved after her 16-year-old daughter Jamie Lynn announced she was pregnant earlier this week, but only delayed. “From the onset, the media have inaccurately reported that Lynne Spears’ book is a parenting book,” said Michael S. Hyatt, president and CEO of Thomas Nelson in a press release issued Thursday (December 20). “I’m sure this helps fuel tabloid readership, but it is simply not true. Lynne’s memoir will provide a window into the real-life world of fame and worldly success, including the toll it extracts from some who aspire to it. It will provide a much-needed corrective to a world obsessed with the wrong priorities. We believe in redemption. Therefore, we are standing with Lynne and her family during this difficult time. Though the book has been delayed, we believe God is at work. The story is still being written, and we are confident in His ability to turn ashes into beauty (Isaiah 61:3).” Lynne’s upcoming book is entitled ‘Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World’.

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