Thong And Dance

Vanessa E. Jones of the Boston Globe profiled the ever continuing state of undress evolving amongst female pop stars in an effort to promote their summer CDs. “Most of this explicitness is driven by the music industry,” says Tricia Rose, a professor of American studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz, “[which] is trying to figure out a way to keep consumers, particularly young male consumers.” The industry’s solution? “There’s no doubt that you get… a whole lot more attention, a whole lot more media value, and a whole lot more ratings the less clothes [a woman] has on,” Rose says. Read more, including comments on Jewel’s transformation, Ashanti’s switch from innocense to a sexy and grown up look, and Beyonce Knowles continuing to show more skin than her Destiny’s Child bandmates, and those who have battled the trend, including , Avril Lavigne, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige. Branch and Avril Lavigne, here.

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