Tiffany Talks Playboy Shoot & Past Drug Use

Michael Musto of the Village Voice spoke with about her 10 years away from the pop music scene where she was reported to be doing drugs and booze. Tiffany admits, “It was only before I was pregnant. I never had the chance to be a kid. I was out working, and when I was home, I tried to make up for lost time. But I never had to go into rehab.” She explained the decision to bare all by saying it’ll revive her career, “It’s definitely going to work for me. You can’t look at those pictures and go, ‘Oh, she’s 14.'” Musto also has dozens of blind items, including a familiar sounding one asking, “What star insists he and wifey are clean, though he recently bought a kilo of coke off a dealer in the Bronx?” Read more.

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