Timbaland Calls Timberlake Jacko All Over Again

Timbaland tells the New York Daily News that “The boy band thing is over.” Still, he has high hopes for *NSYNC’s centerpiece Justin Timberlake. “Justin’s album is too crazy,” he said. “The stuff I did for him is all over again.” Timbaland is producing Justin’s debut solo effort.

Britney Impersonator Dating Justin Impersonator

June 24, 2002 – Tom Hogue of The Hamilton Spectator profiled Britney Spears impersonator Kristal Miller who just happens to be dating a guy named Tyler Gifford, who performs as Justin Timberlake in an *NSYNC tribute band. Tyler’s father Grant Gifford said of his son’s girlfriend: “She sings better than Britney. If anything, the Britney thing will hold her back.”

Jacko Returns On Concorde With Pinocchio Puppet

June 19, 2002 – The Mirror blasted after his brief trip to England where he visited the House of Commons and Exeter City FC. On his flight back home to New York, Jacko took his seat on Concorde “wearing a pathetic mask and silly shades” and “next to him was his Pinocchio puppet which has clearly replaced the late, great chimp Bubbles in loser boy’s affections.” The Mirror sniffed, “Just do us a favour Jacko – don’t ever come back.”

Jacko Laugh Blows He And Chris Tucker’s Cover

June 19, 2002 – Star magazine reports recently sneaked into a showing of the ‘Star Wars’ flick in Los Angeles with pal Chris Tucker. The pair tried not to be noticed, but their cover was blown when Jacko did one of his tee-hee’s very loudly.

Sony Reportedly Refers To Jacko As ‘Needlenose’

June 18, 2002 – On Flo Anthony’s Gossip to Go segment on K104, she reports Sony has responded to Michael Jackson’s blasting of the label as well as it’s chief Tommy Mottola by supposedly calling the pop legend “Needlenose.”

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7 thoughts on “Timbaland Calls Timberlake Jacko All Over Again

  1. LilMands82 says:

    when did Justin ever say he was leaving *nsync?
    I don’t really think the “boyband” thing is over.
    I don’t think more will come out, but I think the ones (well at least nsync and backstreet) that are already there will still be popular.

  2. mellowyellow says:

    I think NSYNC and Backstreet will stay around for a while and Justin can do his solo thing and still be in the group just like Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. Every once in a while he does a solo project but stays in the band. I think it’s awesome Timbaland is working with J! I love his music!

  3. e-bone says:

    um…for one, let us not forget Jacko started off in a group. Granted, the Jackson 5 were given more credibility than today’s pop tarts, but you gotta crawl before you walk. Jacko wouldn’t be who he is today if he had begun as a solo artist…genius or not. Two, why is it so unbelievable that quite a few respectable artists acknowledge Nsync’s (not just Justin) talents. And this is just my opinion, but Justin’s voice, at times, is very reminiscent of Jacko’s and he is an obvious influence on him. Why not be compared…thousands of artists are compared to the ones that came before them. Big F***ing Deal. It’s not like anyone can steal Michael Jackson’s sunshine.

  4. BsBoy says:

    That’s the thing NO ONE WILL EVER STEAL Mike’s sunshine. Timberlake is a joke! The ONLY people who like him are basically girls who think he’s cute. Michael Jackson did A LOT for music. Nsync is a trend and so is Justin’s solo album. Oh and Justin doesn’t sound like Michael Jackson stop DREAMING! Stop trying to give him credibility.

  5. gwen says:

    I don’t think Justin is a sellout. Justin definitely does have soul. I always felt Nsync was more r&b than pop. Nsync have those soulful voices and it ‘s good coming from a pop group. Destiny Child got hated on because their music crossover to pop, but still have that r&b sound. If he hangout with a lot of brothas, don’t hate. If he starts dating a sista, don’t hate. Justin will do good on solo album and Nsync will still be going strong. The haters will continue to talk no matter good their albums sell. I’m glad that Justin is getting a lot prop from a lot of black artist. YOU GO BOY!

  6. Jen says:

    I agree with BsBoy, Justin is not comparable to Michael Jackson, you N’sync fans are delirious. Justin actually has a very annoying voice that always sounds like he’s whining. It is a very bad imitation of Michael Jackson. I don’t like this loser and I hope his album flops, that way he can be brought down to size and realize that he is a poser and his dumb ass can’t do everything, and shouldn’t try to, just because some people lied to his gullible ass and said he was talented. It makes any laugh that you teenies think he is comparable to Micheal Jackson.

  7. lolabee says:

    I understand everyone is not a Nsync fan, I can’t fault you for that. To each his/her own. But to say that Justin can’t sing is just ridiculous. This is especially for Nick Carter’s girl-why do BSB fans hate Nsync so much. Talking about whining! Not all of you but the ones that I’ve heard or read postings from. You are fanatics. Like some kind of cult. Do you hear hidden messages in Backstreet songs? Ha Ha. Give it up. Backstreet may have come before, but Nsync came and have held their own based on their talent.

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