Justin Timberlake Cheated On Britney With Tonya Mitchell?

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Star magazine reports star was cheating on Britney Spears throughout their relationship with Tonya Mitchell. Britney had found out about the romance when she was one of the opening acts for the 2001 Pop Odyessy Tour and phoned Justin, only to have Tonya pick up the phone saying he was in the shower. “Britney went berserk,” said a pal. “She used every four-letter word she knew and threatened to kick Tonya’s butt. Britney swore she would have killed Justin if she could have got her hands around his throat.”

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Cheated On Britney With Tonya Mitchell?

  1. mellowyellow says:

    This story is total bull. It says he cheated on her during the PopOdyssey tour and that they broke up right after she found out. Umm, am I the only one who remembers thier Hawaiian vacation in January of this year, 4 months after the PopOdyssey tour ended…and the fact that they didn’t break up until this March?
    This story also says they broke up 3 weeks after they bought their house, uh, they bought that house over a year b4 they broke up. Don’t believe this crap, there are too many holes in the story and too many inconsistencies!

  2. gwen says:

    Another tabloid lie. First , they said that it was his one sided fascination and lust for Beyonce Knowles, then they said that he was dating the dancer, Jenna Dewan. They said him and Christina was hugging and kissing, and now some singer Tonya Mitchell. I wonder who’s next. This story is so old. Justin has moved on. The tabloids need to really quit it. They only thing that they are doing is making stupid stories up.. Give it a rest please!

  3. ML11_84 says:

    This is getting stupid. i mean every time hes with a girl or hangs out with one they’ll either assume hes dating or that he cheated on Britney with her. their probably saying this cause Justin’s mom is her (or was) manager although didn’t they date once before Britney? I might be wrong but anyway the star usually lies in the first place its a load of crap and they just want people to read the article.

    although the part where it said that she would of grabbed his throat worries me but its probably not true like i said before.

  4. SmilingMonkey says:

    Okay…Uhm if you go to TonyaMitchell.com then you’ll see that she was backstage with the whole Nsync crew..even Steven and Justin’s mother! So it’s totally bull..and okay I never thought I would say this but Britney is much prettier than this ugly creature! If Justin did had an affair with this chick then…He also dated Beyonce, Christina, Jenna..if we should believe all the rumors..TOTAL BULL!

  5. lucky says:

    Finding out about the romance and breaking up are two totally different things. Looks can be deceiving, I am not saying JT did this, then again I’m not saying he is innocent. All I am saying is that we do not know what goes on behind the scenes, its possible Justin and Britney could have passed fake smiles from time to time.

  6. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Tonya Mitchell must have paid off that tabloid because she’s releasing a new sh!t CD, And she probably doesn’t want it to bomb like ‘I Represent’ did!

    Also Tonya was never a red head her label made her dye it with hopes people would be tired of blondes and buy into her!

    I posted on her message board a rant about how I wasted my money on her CD and she was never going to be anything, and of course she said whether she gets big or not is in gods hands. SHE ALSO ADMITTED SHE WILL NEVER BE BRITNEY!

  7. gwen says:

    Right now it is true for what I been reading. some of their friends are saying so, but it suppose to be a secretly. I’m sort of convince that it is actually true, but I think that it happen after the breakup. They are reporting that he has a very serious crush on her. Send me a private message and I’ll give you more detail because I don’t want to start a riot in here.

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