Timberlake Mentions Britney During Madonna Introduction

During Justin Timberlake’s introduction of at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony on Monday night, the former *NSYNC star made mention of former lover Britney Spears, one mention was not too kind. “She has still found time to kiss someone I may or may not have publicly kissed myself while I was in the audience.” Timberlake said. “Of course you know I was talking about Sean Penn.” The singer later said, “The world has always been full of Madonna wannabes and I might have even dated a couple.” So does “couple” include Fergie too? Check out more details from People.

Timberlake To Present Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

February 27, 2008 – In Touch magazine has learned that former *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake has been tabbed to present into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10th at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City. Timberlake and the Material Girl have been working together on her upcoming album, and they recently shot the video for its lead single ‘4 Minutes to Save the World’.

Madonna Discusses ‘Film And Wisdom’, Maintaining A Private Life

February 17, 2008 – Madonna spoke with The ShowBuzz about the characters in her directorial debut ‘Filth And Wisdom’ and how, like them, she lives a double-life by keeping her private and public life separate. “Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, or blaming others for your hardships is a waste of time,” the Material Girl said, which was why it was important her characters in the film weren’t victims. Watch the brief interview below the cut.

Malawi Information Minister Backs Madonna’s Adoption

February 12, 2008 – The New York Daily News reports Patricia Kaliati, the information minister for Malawi, said the country should not derail Madonna’s adoption plans for 2-year-old David Banda, especially after the singer hosted a charity event in New York last week that raised millions of dollars for UNICEF. “This country owes her so much,” Kaliati said. “Very few famous people would take their time off to rally other celebrities to raise money for a poor country like Malawi.”

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