Timberlake Says Spears’ Music History Gaffes Are ‘Revealing’

Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times spoke with *NSYNC star just after the singer participated in a teleconference with 80 journalists at once. They joked a bit about that, and DeRogatis mentioned a previous call he’d been on with Britney Spears, where she goofed in saying Elvis was born in Las Vegas and Pat Benatar, not Joan Jett, originally performed her cover of ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’. Timberlake said, “Well, I think her answers were revealing!” When DeRogatis promised not to mention Britney again, and that he could care less, Timberlake responded, “I could care less, too!” Justin also talked about his solo show, and how it was different from *NSYNC, and the challenge he’ll have to go from boy band star to a long term solo artist.

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