Timberlake & Spears Laughing About Breakup Rumor

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal spoke with an spokeswoman Saturday night when the group did their radio promotion in The Palms High Roller Lounge. Melinda Bell says the group is taking “a little hiatus” of about eight months and should be back together by early next year. She explained, “They have not had one day off in five years.” And as for the persistent rumors that Justin Timberlake and have ended their longtime relationship, she said it was “just a rumor. They are all laughing about it; Justin’s laughing about it.” Rumors had it that Britney was at Friday’s show at MGM Grand in the VIP section with a hat pulled low.

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5 thoughts on “Timberlake & Spears Laughing About Breakup Rumor

  1. SmilingMonkey says:

    This really disgust me! They had fans all worked up about their break up or whatever and now they are laughing at them.

    They should’ve told them in the beginning that they didn’t break up instead of keeping it down low for almost a week and then laughing about it. I think they are sick and FAKE. I cannot believe that people would do that to their fans, I’m sorry guys maybe you all think I’m overreacting but this I just had to state. Respect my opinion like I will respect yours.

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Ya know, if it’s not true, wouldn’t they go out of their way to visibly show they’re together still? I believe they ARE still together, but you’d think they’d have enough common sense to get their butts very visible very quick. Thus, ending all the speculation and rumors. To let this rumor start and spread, then lay low and laugh about it is insulting to their fans.

  3. EndIsNear says:

    They made up this whole thing, along with the manager.
    That’s why they didn’t tell it was a rumor, because it was all planned.
    It’s all Timberlake’s fault, he’s evil.
    And now he destroyed Nsync, a little hiatus my ass, 8 months are a very long break, and they will NEVER come back, he’s a LIAR because he will go solo and he don’t give a damn about the fans, about Nsync and about Britney.

  4. LilMands82 says:

    I understand that you are upset, but Britney DID say the rumors were false a long time ago. I think that this isn’t for publicity…because Britney DID deny it. I think a lot of this is just fans getting all aflutter and getting scared/sad/happy over something and making up rumors and spreading rumors about something they should just let go of!

  5. SmilingMonkey says:

    Britney really should update her denials. I mean she denies every bad thing that comes her way! And I’m not upset about it, really I’m not. I just think it’s sad that they have to draw attention by lying. I know what you mean by just not caring. But I do have a small sister whose biggest idol is Britney (God knows why) and she is still at that age where she believes anything Britney says or do. I’m sure Britney doesn’t want to be some kind of role model but she has to know that her songs and her appearances on TV do effect children.

    Once again, Britney denies anything that could ruin her career but my God this whole break up thing should really end. Not for my sister’s sake or for those who actually believe in Britney but also for herself if she wants to appeal a more adult audience. She needs to grow up and make herself believable.

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