Timberlake’s Grandma Says He’s Still With Britney

The Globe spoke with Justin Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar who insists while Justin and had a nasty blowup, they are still together. Bomar said, “Just before Justin went on tour, they had a big fight. Britney was unhappy about the amount of time they were going to be spending apart, but she has to understand that Justin has to work and so does she. Britney was upset, but it’s not that big a thing. They argue all the time about how much they are apart.”

As for whether their verbal battles mean the end of the line for the *NSYNC’er and Britney’s near three year relationship, Sadie said, “My husband and I argue, but that doesn’t mean we are splitting up – and neither are Justin and Britney.”

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One thought on “Timberlake’s Grandma Says He’s Still With Britney

  1. nick_carters_girl says:

    yup..believe his grandma…what if shes blind or something..i mean, how do you know?
    hello? this is Justin Timberlake..and Britney spears…..dirty Justin…
    Britney should totally be AWAY from him…he really really sucks…y’all might think its like i hate Justin so much because my sign in name is nick carter’s girl…uh uh… Justin seriously sucks…have y’all even read the article that says JC “GOT” with 3 strippers and Justin says ‘well, i beat you because I “GOT” with 4 strippers…”
    bla bla bla…i bet that’s true…if Justin goes and sleeps with strippers, what’s Britney doing with him? she should sooo dump his sorry ass for good!

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