Timberlake’s Pressure To Top ‘Justified’

Ben Preece of Time Off magazine caught up with and asked the former *NSYNC star if he was feeling pressure to follow-up on the success of his debut album ‘Justified’. “I think, initially, I felt the pressure of competing with the first record,” the singer admitted. “I mean, the first record was the first record. There was nothing to compare it to, so there really was no pressure. I don’t think people expected what they got, which is good – but I also think with this one, the pressure started to subside a little bit after I started coming up with the music, because I felt like what I was creating was so unique compared to that first album that it kind of sat alone on its own plateau. It definitely has a consistent sound to it and I love it.” The full story at TimeOff.com.au has since been removed.

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