Time For Madonna To Get Her Priorities Straight

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When I was reading another article about Madonna’s current tour, I got to wondering what her priorities are.

In recent years as her career has declined (especially in North America), seems more and more determined to prove that she’s still up-to-date (with failed results) and it seems she has a hard time accepting she’s no spring chicken anymore. In fact, she’s close to the half-century mark and it’s obvious she’s having a hard time accepting this.

The questionable behavior started in 2000, when she released her “Music” album. She had just had her son in August that year and less than a month later, she was running around at premieres and album-release parties. In November of that year, she was doing promo concerts (one at the Roseland in New York and one at the Brixton in London), even though her son was only 3 months old. Between this time and the spring of 2001, was also shooting videos for upcoming singles, doing interviews, and preparing for her “Drowned World” tour (and we all know that rehearsing for tours takes at least 12 hours a day for a couple months). Add in her Kabbalah meetings and her workouts (which she says she spend 3 hours a day on). Where does this leave time for her to spend with her kids? There’s only 24 hours in a day and she needs to sleep. And by the summer of 2001, she was dragging her kids all over the US and Europe so she could tour (don’t forget her son wasn’t even a year old yet). What kind of a mother would do this?

Again, in 2004, went on tour and dragged her kids all over the place while she went on tour.

And here we are only two years later and what’s she doing? Back on tour again! Is she that desperate to hold on to what little fame she has left that she would rather focus on getting attention than focusing on her children? It seems as if her husband is the one raising the children, not her. As of now, her kids are 9 and 5. What kid those ages want to spend their summer breaks cooped up in hotels because mommy is desperate to stay in the spotlight? It’s not as if she needs the money. And when she does have free time, she spends it working out for 3 hours a day and going to stupid Kabbalah meetings (which is the only time you see her photographed with her kids).

When you put all of these things together, it’s obvious this woman does not have her priorities straight. There’s only 24 hours in a day and it’s obvious that little (if any) time is spent with her family. Funny thing is that in her 1998 VH1 documentary “Madonna Rising”, Rupertt Everett, who was hosting, asked her if she saw herself at 50 still going on tour like the Rolling Stones and still making pop records. She said “no” and acted as if it was silly to even ask that. Yet here we are in 2006, and Madonna is still trying to make pop records, running around in leotards, and going on tour at almost 50.

The contradictions never stop.

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