Time Off For Jason Mraz Comes To An End

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (September 11). The San Diego singer songwriter tells readers:

3 weeks of harvesting boogers has come to an end. This morning I removed my thumb from my butt and said farewell to my friend, the gentle pacific. It is a ceremony that happens all too often and for good reason. Over a cup of matte under a marine layer of grey I speak with the Gods of all the elements that satisfy my being and I thank them for this random opportunity to exist, to peek at, while starring in, this epic film of life.

I thank my lucky stars for the quality cat time and the knack to re-learn distances in the dark.

I am grateful to attend home fires with zeal, to scrub the tubs, trim the trees, and sort the recycling.

I am stoked to learn that normal is based on perspective, therefore all the freaky things I do between the hours wasted on things you don’t need to know about, are perfectly acceptable in the third eye of my contact wearing deity.

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