Tina Fey Slams Paris Hilton For ‘Awful’ Hosting Of ‘SNL’

Tina Fey, the former head writer of ‘Saturday Night Live’, and creator and star of the new NBC show, ’30 Rock’, dropped by Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite radio show on Wednesday (November 15) to share her thoughts on various past ‘SNL’ guest hosts, including Paris Hilton. “She’s a piece of sh**,” Fey fumed. “The people at ‘SNL’ were like maybe she’ll be fun, maybe she won’t take herself so seriously. She takes herself so seriously! She’s unbelievably dumb and so proud of how dumb she is. She looks like a tranny up close.” She added that while the heiress refused to do a skit making fun of her sex tape, she did want to make fun of all the girls she hates. “She was like ‘I want to play Jessica Simpson, I hate her’,” Fey revealed. “She would come in the room and say, ‘You should do a show about Jessica Simpson because she’s fat’.” The full story at usmagazine.com has since been removed.

Eyes ‘Dallas’ Role

November 18, 2006 – Ann Montini of Sky News reports Paris is eager to land a role in the big-screen version of ‘Dallas’. “I’d be great in that,” the heiress told a source. “It’s about the rich and powerful – something that I know a lot about.”

Paris And Stavros’ Drunken BK Drive-Thru

November 18, 2006 – and Stavros Niarchos were videotaped struggling to order food at a Burger King drive-thru on Thursday night (November 16) after apparently having too much to drink. When the couple later arrived at Hilton’s home, the heiress flashed a breast. Check out footage from X17.

Shanna Moakler’s Message To

November 17, 2006 – Last night at the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale after-party, X17 asked Shanna to comment on her feud with Paris, sparked by the heiress’ fling with her estranged husband Travis Barker of +44, and what she’d have to say to her. “She should take her Valtrex,” Moakler responded, referring to the prescription herpes medication. Watch footage here.

Oprah Not Invited To Tom & Katie’s Wedding

November 15, 2006 – Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes didn’t invite Oprah Winfrey to their wedding during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Tuesday night, “Oprah’s going to have them destroyed. You don’t not invite Oprah. That’s like not inviting Paris Hilton to a celebrity orgy. You don’t do it.”

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2 thoughts on “Tina Fey Slams Paris Hilton For ‘Awful’ Hosting Of ‘SNL’

  1. galleta says:

    She characterizes Paris so well. She does look like a tranny up close. I saw Paris at UCLA hospital she was visiting family or a friend there and omg she is ugly in person and way too skinny, she looks like a lollipop with a head. It was weird she was talking all loud almost as if she was trying to draw attention to herself. I would think in a place like that she would not want attention.

  2. estia says:

    I love all things American (nearly all, moose & bush and his cave ***** of a mother not included) but I think this woman shows the USA in a really poor light around the world…she appears to be such a dumb, egocentric, unfeeling, vile example of humanity…yet she always in the tabloids and gossip magazines here in the UK, all she really famous for is that video…mum and dad must be so proud…..but I suppose must be people out there that wanna know about her? Otherwise they wouldn’t waist paper on her?

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