Tina Parol Hears Her Song On The Radio For The First Time

checked in with fans on her blog MySpace (@tinaparol) on Friday (May 15), talking about the experience of hearing her debut single ‘Who’s Got Your Money?’ on the radio for the first time on KISS 106.1 while driving near Dallas. Parol writes:

21 years of work, happiness, labor, writing, recording, singing, traveling, playing and LOVE come spewing out of me in the form of screams and laughs. Frank is elated and watching my laugh attack with a huge smile on his face. Thank you Frank. There are no tears here. I am too happy for that. My song is now on the radio. And the 1st time I heard it was on Kiss Fm Dallas, as I am in Texas (much less Dallas) for the 1st time. Amazing. Incredible. Fantastic. Everything I had hoped for and more. This is the only way to even mildly attempt to translate to you in words how I felt.. and how I still feel.

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One thought on “Tina Parol Hears Her Song On The Radio For The First Time

  1. Carrie says:

    Tina’s so cute!! I love her personality. Her new music video is definitely worth checking out!!

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