Tino Coury ‘Circles’

Tino Coury

Hot off the heels of his Top 20 dance hit ‘Diary’, 22-year-old singer/songwriter/producer is back with another song from his forthcoming debut album. The radio-friendly ‘Circles’ was co-written and co-produced by Tino, who says, “When I write a song, I want a beat you can dance to, a great track–but also a story. There has to be a heart to it.”

Audio of ‘Circles’ at YouTube has since been removed.

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One thought on “Tino Coury ‘Circles’

  1. Heather Distler says:

    I actually like this one the most out of all ur songs because it describes my life perfectly. It has good rhythm and it actually has a lot of meaning to it. Thanks for making such amazing songs that really touch me. I love you<3

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