TMZ’s Levin On Ethical Issues Covering Britney Spears

TMZ managing editor Harvey Levin visited ‘Good Day LA’ on Friday (November 23), where he talked about the ethical challenges the site faces in covering stories, especially regarding troubled pop tart Britney Spears.

“We don’t chase her, but she always goes to places where she knows there’s going to be cameras, and that’s the weird thing about her,” Levin said, adding that Britney “has this co-dependent, weird relationship” with the stalkerazzi when she has them pump gas in her Mercedes and buy her food. “I’ll be honest, I think that when we created TMZ to some extent it created a new kind of interest in the kind of raw life of celebrities. That has probably escalated the problem, and I acknowledge that. It’s something I worry about all the time and I sometimes fear something bad is going to happen because of all this stuff. I think part of what we do when you get off the red carpet is create a potential where people can cross the line and we get that and it’s something we struggle with.”

The video at has since been removed.

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