To Compare Or Not Compare…?

Contributed anonymously:

I really don’t understand why, after so many years there is so much comparison between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. (Yep… Another essay!)

You know, Christina’s lovers, who are mostly the Britney haters, always try to compare Britney to Christina, and always try to bring Britney down by her lack of “talent, nonsensical lyrics, being unable to sing,” etc. etc. etc. and all the gibberish we are all tire of hearing.

Let’s see… Who’s Britney Spears? Britney Spears is an icon, a legend. And yes, so many of you will scream and laugh saying Britney is not a legend that this and this and that and that, but, unfortunately for you, she is. Britney is a legend not only in her genre but let’s say universally. Few have achieved what she has.

Britney is a legend. Why? There was no bigger legend in pop than Madonna. No one, not even Janet Jackson has archived what Madonna has achieved. And Britney, she is a legend because she has achieved as much as Madonna and maybe even more. Britney has surpassed Janet and all the others who have tried in the genre of pop.

Now, who’s Christina? Must definitely not an icon, and not a legend. I’m sorry, but Christina will not be remember 3 years from now. Christina follows a different path in her career. Not pop, I guess, since that is what she says. (By the way, why all of the sudden there is something wrong with pop and dance music…?) She’s more into her ballads and stuff; a la Whitney, Mariah and Celine Dion… I respect that, but, hate to brake your bubble, Christina is non of those… and never will be.

You cannot compare Christina to those mentioned above. She hasn’t achieved a quarter of what those have achieved. She tries to be them but she can’t. In the other hand, like mentioned b4, Britney has archived more than anyone in her genre. More than the Queen herself.

Don’t compare Christina to Britney; two different styles. Like I said, Britney is all about Pop/dance and a mixture of sounds. Britney is the music you want to hear when you are in a club (I love clubbing). Not Christina. I must definitely don’t want to hear Christina when I’m in a club… I would leave.

You people say that Britney’s music has no meaning… but since when do you have to get deep when it comes to dance music? Doesn’t make sense to me. I like it simple and to the point. I don’t want to hear about being a FIGHTER when I want to be a SLAVE FOR THE MUSIC.

Music, songs, are not about writing 3 pages of verses. I think there is no better songwriter than those who can say a million words in 3 verses.

For example, we have EVERYTIME. A song written by Britney and co-produced and composed by herself. There is so much feeling behind that song… I really cried when I saw Britney singing that song in SNL, and THAT’S! what I’m talking about. Christina, with her “deep lyrics” has never even gotten to me like that.

By the way, can Christina play instruments? At least Britney is learning piano. (Yep, don’t forget she composed EVERYTIME).

But anyway, comparing Christina to Britney is useless. Two different talents. Britney might not sing like Christina, but no one can move like Britney does. No one, except Madonna, can put a show like Britney does. (By the way, have you seen Janet’s latest video DON’T STOP? It’s so Britney. Everyone is the bar said she’s trying to be Britney. lol.)

Comparing Britney and Christina is like comparing Alicia Keys to Madonna. Two different talents. Two different genre.

But anyway, gotta go!

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