‘Today’ On Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching Fire In 1984

Stunning video of shows the pop star’s hair catching on fire during a shoot for a Pepsi television commercial in 1984. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reported on how this accident could have started the King of Pop’s addiction to prescription painkillers, speaking with Us Weekly’s Melanie Bromley. Rossen also spoke with USC law school professor Jean Rosenbluth about the legal implications for the doctors who prescribed drugs to the pop star the day of his death.

Afterwards, ‘Today’ co-host Erin Burnett spoke with Dr. Nancy Sneiderman about how the Pepsi commercial incident may have been the turning point for an addiction to pain medication. Watch the segment, aired Thursday (July 16) on the ‘Today’ show, below.

Miko Brando Comments On Pepsi Commercial Accident

July 17, 2009 – A Pepsi commercial shoot accident in 1984 may have led Michael to become addicted to painkillers. CNN’s Ted Rowlands talked with Jackson’s longtime friend Miko Brando about the incident. The video, featuring footage of the King of Pop’s hair catching on fire, has since been removed at Turner.com.

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  1. simplyiza30 says:

    the show must go on! he deserve to be a king..can you imagine how much pain did MJ overcome! RIP MIHAEL JAKSON..

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