‘Today’ Reports On Britney Spears Release From The Hospital

left the UCLA Medical Center yesterday, and soon after, the paparazzi were right behind her, trying to capture her every move. NBC’s Michael Okwu reported on the developments this morning on ‘Today’, talking with Dr. Carole Liberman who said she was “appalled” Britney was released so soon, and Vanessa Grigoriadis of Rolling Stone.

After the report, ‘Today’ co-host Matt Lauer spoke with psychiatrist Dr. Julie Holland about the hospital’s decision to release Spears, followed by a discussion with Grigoriadis, who wrote Rolling Stone’s new Britney cover story. Grigoriadis said Spears behavior seems to be more calculated than one might think. “She enjoys the pursuit, she enjoys being hunted in this way,” she explained. Watch the segment below.

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