Tommy Davidson Talks Jennifer Lopez

Taken from Tommy Davidson’s interview with Carson Daly on Last Call Monday night, where he addressed his time starring with on FOX’s ‘In Living Color’:

Carson: Do you remember J. Lo from ‘In Living Color.’ What was she like back then?

Tommy: She was very quiet. I see her, and she’s like, “Hey, hi.” I had no idea she was gonna be, like, a rocket. She had a big ass. [ Laughter and applause ] Hear me out. Hear me out now.

Carson: Jim’s gone on, but J. Lo’s like now right up there. She went even further because she was just a fly girl, and she just skyrocketed.

Tommy: Well, you know, she had a really, you know — now, I wouldn’t say that if she had it now, I wouldn’t just be, like, “Yeah, look at that ass now.” [ Laughter ] Now she’s like, you know. You see her, and you’re like, “Hi. Remember I was on that show with you?” [ Laughter ] “I hear you and your guy kind of split up. I was just wondering, you know, if we could have a Pizzone or something?” [ Laughter and applause ] Of course you can get two of those for $10.99 [Note: Tommy Davidson does Pizzone commercials for Pizza Hut].

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