Top 5 Questions Ben Affleck Never Wants To Hear

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On yesterday’s TRL, Ben Affleck appeared to promote his movie ‘Paycheck’. They did a little segment called Top 5 Questions Ben never wanted to be asked ever again. He went on to say that he and were going to spend the holidays with his family first in Boston then spend a Puerto Rican holiday in New York w/ J.Lo’s Parents which he said would be more When he was asked what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, “something bootylicious” TRL’s host then replied, “uh but don’t you already have that with J.Lo?” and Ben was like, “Oh that’s right I do.” like he forgot about J.Lo. Here was his top 5 Questions:
5. Are you and Matt gay?
4. Any question w/ the word Gigli
3. How’s J.Lo?
2. How’s Matt?
1. When are you getting married?

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Questions Ben Affleck Never Wants To Hear

  1. Attitude says:

    ha. but you know I always here people saying like”I’m sick of Bennifer” and stuff like that. when you think about its not their fault. its the media who exploit them and overrate them. I think that the media was made to humiliate and annoy the celebrities. I mean if you look back on some of the news that have been posts they were stupid sh*t. like “jen and Ben go shopping” who gives a rat’s as*? I am a jen fan but the media makes big deals over dumb crap and as a result some fans and non-fans fall victim to this and decide to bash the celebrity who was exploited. I just think it’s sad but everyone has their own opinion.

  2. Robert A. Johnson says:

    My question is different then what you normally get. I do not want to pry into your personal life but want your opinion on something. In the movie Hollywood land you portrayed the actor George Reeves. When you play someone you have to get into their skin so to speak. Did you ever form an opinion on his death. Was is suicide or murder. The movie was slanted to make you think it was murder but what do you think. I would like to know.

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