Top Cheetah Girls Search Queries In August

Searches for The Cheetah Girls during the most of August on Yahoo’s
pay-pear search engine are in, with the Disney girl trio receiving
1,227,158 searches for “Cheetah Girls”. The most popular member of the
group is Bryan, with 27,196 searches, followed closely by Adrienne
Bailon with 26,581 searches. Kiely Williams lagged behind with 11,891 searches.
Adrienne and Kiely’s other group, 3LW, received less than a quarter of
the search interest, and with the backing of deep pockets like Disney,
its easy to see why they’re willing to put the more mature sound on hold
to appeal to the younger demographic. The trio’s most searched song lyric was for ‘Strut’ with 6,058 queries. The most misspelled search for the month was Cheatah Girls with 12,317 queries.

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7 thoughts on “Top Cheetah Girls Search Queries In August

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi Cheetahs I love to see you guys on TV your the best.
    I even draw pictures of you. I even have some songs of you. I love the Cheetah Girls. Ya

  2. blessings says:

    you rocks Cheetah Girls I wish I was like you beautiful girls.

  3. blessings says:

    My bed room is full of your fabulous pictures to and they are fabulous beautiful.

  4. kasey says:

    Why don’t you put some rules how to draw you on the internet because y’all are so beautiful

  5. Ray-Ray says:

    Hi Girls I’m your biggest fans ever.Every time I hear a song by you I go crazy.Have you girls ever thought about getting a new Cheetah?Because if you do I want to be ONE.My mom says I’m to young because I’m 10 years old.Its never to late to be what you want to be>…>>>….

    By Cheetahs..>..

  6. ugo says:

    hi girls, your are the biggest fan and I need to join you all in your next album I want to be a star and it is going to be a thing of joy if you make someone like me a star please I will like to have more talk on this if you reply my comment please you all are the best and it gonna be great if you all make someone a star and I want to be a star and I am relying on you all for this success. I will love to here from you. thank you

  7. Jabria says:

    hey Cheetah you guys rock I love you guys and I love you Dorinda right be back :)

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