Top Enrique Iglesias Searches

Searches for continue to skyrocket on pay-per search engine during the month of February, and again show how difficult a time fans have spelling the singer’s name. ‘Enrique Iglesias’ was searched for 94,571 times, though accounting for all misspelling would have him likely near twice that level. The most searched for song was ‘Hero’ with 2,809 queries, while many searched for Enrique and current girlfriend Anna Kournikova. The most common misspelling of the singer’s name was Enrique Inglesias.

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4 thoughts on “Top Enrique Iglesias Searches

  1. ann says:

    Looking forward to your concert. love your songs, they have meaning.

  2. rahma says:

    I love you so much darling I wish you good luck my love

  3. tamilla says:

    you are very beautiful boy and your love

  4. Guzal says:

    Hi Enrique! How are you. I like your songs. I have her yours last song. It’s great. I wish you everything will be ok. Good luck!!

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