Top Lance Bass Search Terms has its top related search queries for the month of September posted, and ‘Lance Bass’ [the one word ‘Lancebass’ was also combined in the results] with 12,719 searches. This compares with just over 30,000 searches for Justin Timberlake. Lance’s actual first name James was searched much less in the queries, as was his full middle name ‘Lansten.’

Joey And Lance Promote In Chicago

October 9, 2001 – The Loup and Miramax are bringing Hollywood glamor and Lance Bass and of to Chicago, where a lucky crowd of teens will be able to mingle with them at an exclusive celebrity-studded event. The party, set to take place on October 17 at the windy city’s hip White Star Lounge, will mark the official introduction of The Loup’s teen phone network in Chicago while also showcasing the upcoming Miramax release “On the Line,” starring both Lance and Joey. The Loup is the premier teen community accessed via the telephone, combining free services such as voicemail and chat rooms with entertainment content, teen-interest news and information.

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    How are you ?
    I’m I’m very like NSYNC . I’m very very like Lance Bass . I love NSYNC . I love Lance Bass .

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