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Nearly 47,839 searches in August for search engine (Soon to be renamed to were for the term ‘Mandy Moore’. Despite her current age of 17, again ‘Mandy Moore nude’ is #2 on the list with 10,701 searches as is typical with the young female teen pop stars. “Mandy Moore lyrics” received 7,363, while ‘Crush’ was her most searched for song.

Mandy Moore Sounds Off On Children Being Taught Terror

September 20, 2001 – Mandy was asked on her message board, ‘How should you react to those children been raised from Middle-Eastern countries by their parents to become suicidal fighters, I mean they grow up and believe that one day they can die for their country proudly, do you feel anger, hate, sympathy, sadness?’

Mandy responded saying:

I don’t know how to react to anything about this situation but through anger and mostly sadness. how can you stop parents from raising their children in a way that they think brings them closer to god by putting the emphasis on killing and torturing??

People are always gonna have their opinions on what is right and what is wrong. heck, we still have people in our very country discriminating against race or sexual preference. and that is what has happened to our country, they have such hatred, such jealously towards that US that in their minds, killing is a way of showing honor to their country and to god. how sick is that? but sadly, it is how people are raised and who can stop that? it will always be present….

Mandy Moore To Co-Host MTV Asia Awards

September 16, 2001 – Mandy Moore has been confirmed as a co-host for the first ever MTV Asia Awards on Feb 2 2002 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Mandy responded to the news by posting on her message board, “I am soooooo excited!!! yeah!!!”

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