Top Paulina Rubio Search Queries

Searches for are up big from the last time we checked on pay-per search engine, though still lag her Latin peers. Searches for the singer during December were 52,910 — which compares to 25,627 in February. Searches for Paulina’s lyrics were slightly more popular than for her nude photos. The most popular misspelling was Paula Rubio, which received 987 searches for the month, followed by Paulino Rubio with 479. The most searched song lyric for the pop artist was ‘The One You Love’ with 201 queries for the month.

On Who Is Beautiful

October 1, 2002 – Ok! Magazine asked who she thinks looks the most beautiful. “Nelly Furtado, Natalie Imbruglia, Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson,” she answered. “They are all beautiful, but not in a perfect way.”

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One thought on “Top Paulina Rubio Search Queries

  1. viv says:

    I doubt she gets many searches anymore. She needs another English album.

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