Top Ricky Martin Search Queries

The top searches for for the month of July on pay-per search engine have been posted. The singer received received 58,831 searches for the month, a fairly high number considering he’s been out of the spotlight recently. Several gay references are littered in the searches, while ‘She Bangs’ appears to be the most searched for song with 69 queries. The most frequent misspelling was “Ricki Martin” with 1,981 searches, followed by Rickey Martin with 588 queries.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ricky Martin Search Queries

  1. muscleman85 says:

    Ricky is the hottest guys on the world!!

  2. maria says:

    Ricky Martin is really cute.

  3. Edward M. says:

    Ricky Martin has always been a hot and sexy man. I knew that he was gay, just waited till he finally came out and told us. I still love him and his music. Ricky, You Go Boy!!!

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