Top Ten Reasons Meiko Loves Australia

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Wednesday (October 21) after returning home from Australia and feeling “jetlagged like a MF”. The singer songwriter listed the top 10 reasons why she loves Australia, writing:

1. Violet Crumble

2. Koala Bears

3. A lot of sexy people live there.

4. They love girly singer songwriters! YAY!

5. Australians are so nice and genuine… Everyone I met there seemed to be in such a good mood… Very inspiring.

6. White tea. (tea with milk)
They drink so much tea there… I didn’t have 1 cup of coffee… Good for me.

7. The radio plays good music ;)

8. Fresh air.

9. Manly Beach…

10. The beer. Duh.

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