Tour Josh Kelley’s In-Home Studio

Josh Kelley gives fans a tour of his in-home studio, seen here in a room full of guitars

Josh Kelley checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, offering a tour of his in-home studio.

“I know you guys have been wondering what’s going on with this guy, is he still alive,” Kelley joked. “Yes I am still alive. I’m making a new album right now. Probably the best album that I’ve ever made, and I’m taking my sweet time. I want to show you around a little bit. This is the control room over here. This is where Clint the producer does all the dirty work and also has a beer. We’ve got guitars over here. Where I sing all my vocals is right in this little room right here. It’s mainly an overdub studio. We’re having a lot of You guys just be patient and I’m coming right to you with something tasty.”

Josh says the new album will be out February 2010. Watch the update below.

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