Touring Feels Like Political Campaign For Erin McCarley

Erin McCarley

spoke with the Orlando Sentinel in a Q&A, asking the singer songwriter who has been taking cost cutting measures on the road, to using a tour van to making bids on Priceline at each tour stop, how hard it is to make it right now. “With being a new artist, there are so many new bands out there,” Erin explained. “There is more music than ever right now, and people have shorter attention spans than ever. I was looking through Spin magazine, looking at all the festivals, schedules and seeing all these bands that I’ve never heard of in my life, but they have followings. It is pretty crazy, it’s crazy. You have to come up with your own marketing campaign. You have to be the President of the United States and tout around each city and win them over. That’s what I feel like I am doing right now. It’s just about a song; it all boils down to a song. If people connect to that song, then they latch on and want to get to know the artist. So, it does boil down to the songwriting. There are exceptions, some have more gimmicks. I know, for me, I don’t have any gimmicks. I am not saying that is a good thing, some people are rally talented at other things, but my voice and my songs are what I have, so I just hoping that people hear it, connect and want to know more about me.” Read more.

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