‘Toxic’ May Give Britney Spears Her Long-Awaited Follow-Up Hit

Contributed by Potpot:

The way ‘Toxic’ is moving up the radio charts could spell No.1 for Britney Spears, who has, since ‘Baby One More Time’ in 1999, been hitting and missing in the American radio market.

Since ‘Baby…’, Spears has failed to deliver even a Top 7 hit in Billboard Hot 100. ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ was the closest Spears ever got to grab the top spot again. ‘Oops…!’ peaked at a decent No.9. Single after single, thereafter, Britney’s singles continued to unimpress, chart-wise that is. While her rival continued to invade the No.1 spot, 4 times to be exact, seemed to be satisfied with a Top 40 hit. Even her much-hyped collaboration with only managed to hit at No.35.

Nonetheless, 5 years after ‘Baby One More Time’ conquered the highest strata on Billboard, Spears is more ready than ever to visit that place again. ‘Toxic’ is certified to be Spears’s biggest hit since ‘Oops!’ back in 2000… And it looks like it would even be bigger than it. The single, only in its 4th week on Billboard, has already penetrated the Top 25, her first since ‘Lucky,’ and the song is just starting to pick up on Rhythmic Stations and AC Stations. Moreover, ‘Toxic’ is assured a Top 3 hit on the American Pop Radio. As she sang in ‘Toxic’: “I need a hit, baby give me it…” it sure was given!

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