Trace Cyrus Feuds With Laughing Buddha Over $15 Septum Retainer

A guy named Christopher who works at the Laughing Buddha tattoo and body piercing shop in Seattle shared his experience of dealing with a nightmare customer who demanded they return a septum retainer the buyer thought was sized incorrectly. The buyer was Trace Cyrus of , and when they told him they’d only do an exchange, he and the girl he was with angrily called multiple times to demand a refund.

Miley’s brother later sent out a MySpace bulletin to the band’s friends, urging them to call the the shop, complaining, “I just got fu**ed over at a piercing shop and the dude [is] a complete jerk.” Trace then left the shop’s phone number, urging fans to call and “make them change [their] number.”

Christopher wrote, “I really was amazed at the immaturity displayed by this kid and his friends and/or fans. It is extremely odd to see proof that some people who fancy themselves celebrities actually do think themselves exempt from the rules.” Read more.

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8 thoughts on “Trace Cyrus Feuds With Laughing Buddha Over $15 Septum Retainer

  1. Jay says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know that Trace was such a letdown. Famous people really do act freakishly immature and insane over an innocent mistake from other people. Sorry to say I liked him.

  2. ilovetrace says:

    yeah yeah yeah…
    say what you want

  3. nicole says:

    Whatever this guy just wants attention Trace Cyrus is a god leave him the fu** alone you wanna be trannies go screw yourself

    xoxo (don’t hate me cause you ain’t me) Nicole

  4. noneurbuisness says:

    Trace Cyrus is hot :P

  5. kandi girl says:

    I don’t care what anyone says about Trace I’ll always love him no matter what

    I LOVE TRACE CYRUS NO 1 ELSE :) :0 :( :D :P

  6. kandi girl says:

    lol Trace is so hot

  7. Sadie says:

    he is such a immature baby… if any of you want to speak to me has my cell. My name is Sadie Pettey. I live in Westport Massachusetts. And I really am disappointed in Trace Cyrus.. Because he fooled me too. I would love to talk to you guys

  8. Faith says:

    um yea I’m like in love with Trace but it really hurts my stomach to think that hes like this because I mean the main reason I really think he’s hot is because his personality… you know what I mean? and by him acting like this kinda is a let down :(

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