Trace Cyrus Twitters In Tokyo

Trace Cyrus & Anthony Improgo coffee break

Trace Cyrus of has been busy on Twitter (@tracecyrus) while the band is in Tokyo, Japan. Trace writes:

@mileycyrus I do love Japan! But I freakin miss you! Can’t wait till you get to come here! You’re going to love it!

Agh! We have been driving almost an hour! On the way to the MTV Japan VMA’s!

Thanks for having us MTV!!

Sooo bored. Got a hour break! Everyoned watching movies… But what should I do!!?

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One thought on “Trace Cyrus Twitters In Tokyo

  1. metrogirl13 says:

    Wow! You guys are amazing! My grandma is Japanese… I was adopted so I am not which kinda sucks cause it would be cool. anyways. Blake and Ant need to come back!!!!!!

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