TrainReq Posts More Embarrassing Miley Cyrus Pics

TrainReq has posted yet more photos of ‘Hannah Montana’ star posing for the camera in images she probably didn’t want the world to see. One shows the 15-year-old blowing a kiss to the camera while wearing white undies and a blue t-shirt, another has Miley laying down in a 2-piece swimsuit, and a third shows Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards host showing off her toned tummy in some white frilly panties. The images at have since been removed.

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24 thoughts on “TrainReq Posts More Embarrassing Miley Cyrus Pics

  1. nick says:

    will you send me all the pictures you found of Miley Cyrus

  2. caniy says:

    you are cool dude

  3. tragic says:

    dude trainreq, you’re wild..

  4. ballerguy says:

    wow she’s fu**in hot I wanna fu** her up!!!

  5. Ray says:

    Wow about time some like you came along
    send me all your pictures please
    you are just awesome!

  6. Miranda says:

    Dude….You’re the best! You’re ruining Miley’s life more and more! It’s making me laugh! Keep it up!

  7. Anonymous(I think that's how it's spelled) says:

    Dude, that’s awesome. Keep up the good work! And hey, think you can send me the rest of the pics?

  8. Mandra says:

    You guys are mean
    but she’s stupid to keep taking pictures…….
    Ii mean she’s FAMOUS
    of COURSE some people are gonna try to hack her
    They are nasty though…… I would be embarrassed to take those kind of photos of my big, fat, self
    :) jk I’m not THAT fat……lol

  9. other anonymous says:

    dude Miley is F***IN HOT!!!!!!

  10. sumguy says:

    trainreq send me all that you have of her

  11. trainisboss says:

    Wow Train you are awesome tell us when you get out of the FED house. How did they bust you anyway?

  12. Mike says:

    dude you are like god can you send me all the pictures you got please

  13. Chloeee says:

    What!? I can’t believe you did this, hacking that poor girl! lol, anyways, cya

  14. sonic says:

    trainreq is a hero!!! much respect trainreq Miley is so sexy in those pictures

  15. bobby says:

    trainreq you’re too good why don’t you send me them pictures of her and keep up the good work !

  16. jd says:

    Miley Cyrus is so fine. She’s probably the hottest girl on the planet.

  17. cg says:

    you f***** pedo(‘s )just leave her alone what has she ever done to you

  18. Mary jane says:

    Where to start? First off id like to say, everyone at one time or another has taken whatever kinds of pics. The only difference is she’s famous. Shes a teen girl, what would you expect. Just leave her alone. Either love her or hate her…shes human! GET OVER IT!

  19. Marissa V. says:


  20. Cameron Ross says:

    shes hot and I would fu** her at any time. And she needs to post nude pics.

  21. fkinfeget says:

    this co** sucking idiot trainreq has no respect for privacy so f**k you….. I’m no Miley Cyrus fan either..

  22. wannaf**kher says:

    can someone send me all of the pictures of her that they have? she is so F**king sexy she makes Megan Fox look ok instead of hot

  23. demetria. says:

    your a fu**ing a-hole! give the chick some space. your a pedo who goes round knicking peoples phones?! you oughta be sued.

  24. demetria. says:

    your an a-hole. stop being a pedo.

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