Transcript Of Britney’s Appearance On Rosie

As most of you know, Britney was on with Rosie O’Donnell today and talked about the VMAs, dating Justin Timberlake, and her upcoming album. Read on for a transcript.

R – Back with and what a great performance you put on
at the VMA’s. Was that fun with the snake and everything?

B -I was a lot worse in rehearsal, in rehearsal I was really scared.
I even broke out in hives everywhere. It was a snake. When they asked
me to do it, I had this vision of me doing it oh that sounds so cool.
But when I actually got there I thought have I lost my mind.

R – Who came up with that concept?

B – Actually Wade

R – Wade, he’s the NSYNC and your choreographer. In the NSYNC Pop
video he danced for Joey.

B – Yeah Yeah

R – That was nice when Joey brought him up, they when a lot NSYNC,
your boyfriend Justin.

B – I know I was so proud of them, they totally deserved it. You can
see they were really shocked. It was very nice, I loved it.

R – How long have you known Justin?, a long time

B – Since I was 12 years old

R – 12 years old and now you’re officially dating

B – Yes we are (in a cute voice)

R – That’s so cute though isn’t it, is it sort of weird that
everybody knows about, like everybody knows your dating. Your famous,
he’s famous.

B – Is it kind of bizarre, I have to say. We just make sure we know
we have a lot of time for each other. Were not always, When we go out
and stuff we’re not always going to restaurants and stuff. we just
want to be in, watch a movie just me and him. Try not to be
surrounded by so many people all the time.

R – You know he said I love you to you.

B – He did, I know I saw that. (in that same way she said, he’s a
gentlemen yes yes yes on diary) That was really sweet.

R – (laughing)Isn’t that cute

B – At the very end you know he goes and I love you.

B – I was like ooo, okay

R – How nice is that

B – It was a very sweet, It was very nice.

R – You got to love him

B – Yeah I do

R – I’m happy for the 2 of you

B – Well Thank You

R – I want you to work very hard to make it work

B – We will, we will

R – I get very upset when my fantasy showbiz relationships don’t work

B – Aww

R – Really I fell personally crushed although I don’t know the people
at all, but I feel you 2 would..(Brit cuts her off )

B – I fell the same way,

R – Do you? I’m like what happened to them

B – Tom and Nicole

R – that was shocking to me, I was in shock
then he goes with Penelope Cruz when I’m available.
May be he thought I got married this summer according to the tabloids
Decided to run the other way. Who knows. Well it’s great to see yo,
how’s your mom?

B – She’s doing really good

R – She was there with you at the VMA’s.

B – No she wasn’t,

R – Who was that next to you

B – That was Justin’s mom

R – Oh Justin’s mom,

B – yes, yes

R – she had a motherly vibe to her.
That was sweet though, that he got to bring her

B – It was very nice.

R – I knew it had to be one of your moms.So you’re going to Vegas in
November, The CD comes out in November. Is this the first time
you’re playing Vegas?

B – No, I played Vegas before, this is the first time doing an HBO

R – Doing HBO special, yeah I’m coming to that.

B – yeah you have to

R – I’m coming to Vegas to see it, So exciting. I think you’re such a
great performer Britney

B – Well thank you

R – And you’ve matured into a very fabulous entertainer.WE have to
go, you’ll come back in November when the record comes out?

B – I will

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