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Jenny Eliscu of Rolling Stone magazine was on Your World with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday to talk about the raunchy new image of Christina Aguilera. We touched on it a bit earlier and now we have a transcript to their conversation.

Neil: Jaws are dropping over christina aguilerra’s new album “stripped”, which hit stores this week. The pop sensation is shedding a lot more than her teen image in her latest music video. And she is completely naked on the new cover of “rolling stone” magazine. Is thirisky move the right move for the teen queen? Let’s ask jenny eliscu, associate editor of “rolling stone” magazine. Jenny thanks for coming.

Jenny: Thank you.

Neil: I guess lot of people who don’t know her that well thought it was an eye-popping development in more ways than one, what is she up to?

Jenny: This is sort of who she hinted at being at least, people ask themselves about britney, is Britney a virgin, what is going on with britney’s sex life, you never hear them ask about cristina if Britney is the virgin half of the complex, then you know christina is not.

Neil: But they — she did not start out this way, so what amam wondering
is did someone tell her look, you need to get wraun muchy to sell, look at the couple of years ago and now look at her today.

Jenny: Well, yeah but she is sort of leaned in that direction even when
doing genie in a bottle, never as whole some as Britney Spears.

Neil: Her lyrics did but not in the way she put herself in public or award shows, now I see a clear marketing direction.

Jenny: I don’t — I suspect that this comes fro her. I mean if you read
anything about her she has had a troubled life up until this point. She grew up with an abusive father and has not had it easy, she is sort of undergone a gradual confirmation, when she did the “moulin rouge” video and the crazy get up she was wearing out of Fredericks of Hollywood that was the mid-point between the old Christina and new Christina.

Neil: When a Britney Spears and all of the group now tries to get into
their coast their eveny bopper fans into adult fans it is risky. Britney Spears verses Christina who has a better chance?

Jenny: Christina has a better singing voice, you know when it come to pure musical talent, christina has more going for her, but she is sure to alienate people with the new image she has going.

Neil: Is she going to shock herself out of a job?

Jenny: She could be in trouble but this teen pop thing you point out is sort of on the way out anyway, it is a tough period for all of the artists even the ‘nsync guys are trying to do various different things, because will they be able to do as well as they did once before.

Neil: If you have to compare Britney with Christina Aguilera, the two compared right now, who has the better chance a couple of years from now of still being a rock star?

Jenny: Britney.

Neil: Really, with all of the nice things you were saying about Christina

Jenny: Yes, Britney has a wide wraing not appeal, less controversial,
she is just sort of –.

Neil: Poorer voice.

Jenny: You do not have to be able to sing that well to make records that sell.

Neil: Really? There is a shock. Let me get a sense I want to touch back
to the sex thing, I think I am always amazed at the way people package themselves when I come back I want to cole back as a kiss thick. I wonder, who thinks it up, does she or does she gu I am gog to wr e g-strings and chains or do they say you got to do the g shif string and the chains?

Jenny: I think it comes from her. If we think back to when we were teenagers long ago, we wore some ridiculous things that probably were ill-advised and not the most flattering.

Neil: We grew up.

Jenny: She is still, a young you know.

Neil: 21-years-old, right.

Jenny: Yeah.

Neil: Who buys most of her albums.

Jenny: Still teenagers.

Neil: Still teenagers. Will it make the core group buy or will parents say no way in heck?

Jenny: The kids that are preteens when her first record came out will
probably be somewhat alienated by this. And she certainly not going to attract any new preteen fans because parents can be strict about this kind of thing. But who knows, I guess it could work, she says look at Cher and Madonna, and the long list of people.

Neil: But cher 118-years-old, she is still doing great.

Jenny: Still showing her butt.

Neil: You know 100 years from now we can still see her doing it jenny
eliscu, thank you very much, rolling stones magazine, maybe a couple of years from now it could be over.

Jenny: I think it may be.

Neil: Jenny, thank you very much.

Jenny: Thank you.

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