Transcript of The AJ McLean And Joey Fatone Interview

As previously reported, AJ McLean and caught up over the radio and discussed the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. Read on for the transcript.

J: We got AJ on the phone, AJ what’s happening brother?
AJ: ….I’m walking round off Fairfax in Cali
J: I was just over there not so long ago. I went to see a movie. You going to see a movie?
AJ: I’m going to see a movie!
J: So, what’s the deal with the Backstreet? I talked to Howie a couple days ago. Me and him were meant to arm wrestle. You think I would win?
AJ: You would definitely win! As much as I love D, I think you would probably win.
J: We hung out in Vegas actually, had a great time. I was out for your birthday, hanging out with you. Happy birthday again.
AJ: Thank you very much
J: We had a great time at the porn convention. We were there at the same time.
AJ: Yeah dude, the porn convention. So of course that just made it more interesting for me!
J: Happy birthday to you!
AJ: Thank you! Happy birthday to me….and Mr Wanky.
J: Yeah, it was interesting. It was odd man. The freaks that come out at night, that were out there in the clubs.
AJ: It’s like you get a combination of like, the hottest girls, and a combination of like, the freakiest, weirdest, most deranged
J:this is really odd, I’ll make you guys laugh at this one. There was this woman that like a sexy outfit on, like a black halter top with these straps that connected to the pants. But AJ, did you see her? She was pregnant!
AJ: Oh God, yes, I did!
J: It was the most disgusting thing. Obviously a pregnant woman is very beautiful, but not at a club where she’s wearing a hoochie mama outfit. And she was pregnant. That’s gross!
AJ:I saw her and I saw another girl, and she came out, and she had such enormous fake breasts that there was a separation between her dress and the silicone. It was the most awful thing I have ever seen in my life. They must have been three feet long dude, I swear to God. It was grotesque!
J: So what are you guys doing? Taking some time? When are you guys getting back in the studio? Cos I know that we were trying to beat ya to the punch, but that’s not gonna happen
AJ: We’re getting in the studio on the 26th actually. We’re going in a week from Monday. And we’re gonna go in and just kinda fart around and see what comes out. We don’t really have a main vibe. We don’t really have a set direction. We’re kinda doing that on purpose. We don’t really have a trend. We just want to go in and write hit songs.
J: Is there a song you wanna hear? Some particular song? Anything? It doesn’t matter
AJ: I would like to hear Smack my bitch up by the Prodigy actually
J: That is a good song
AJ: Just to let you guys know, I don’t smack my bitches up, but I do wanna hear it
J: Cool, cool. So what else is new? No relationships? Just chilling, having a good time?
AJ: Just chilling man, enjoying me time. Trying to get to know myself better. Spending quality time with me.
J: That’s what you should do. We talked about that in Vegas. You know, everybody need their own time, their own space. You forget what it feels like to be alone. It actually feels really nice when you teak a break, take a breather.
AJ: It really does.
J: Thanks a lot brother. I appreciate you being on with us
Other DJ: We gotta play Smack my Bitch up on the show for AJ.
(they have little conversation bout new DJs new baby)
J: Thanks bro, we’re gonna play that for ya.
Other DJ: AJ, Take care bro. to see you soon. Good luck
J: Tell the rest of the guys I said what’s up, and N*Sync are better than the Back street Boys (laughs)
Other DJ: You know what Joey? I’m gonna tell you right now. I work for you guys but Backstreet Boys are easier to sing to…and they’re a lot more better in the shower… Oh that sounded real freaky! Who sings Bye Bye Bye? I sing I want it that way. Who sings It’s gonna be me? I say Backstreet’s Back Alright!!
J: Shut up! (laughs)
Other DJ: Ok, here it is, smack my bitch up from AJ. Thanks again brother

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