Transcript To Christina Aguilera Stripped In NYC

Read on for a transcript to Christina Aguilera’s Stripped in New York City MTV special. Unfortunately, persons speaking are not identified.

Titillating electrifying jaw-dropping vis tina aguilera is back and
mtv has the exclusive premiere of her blazing new tracks

i am beautiful no matter what they say .

Christina is getting dirty at the brooklyn bridge reveal herself in
central park.

I definitely need somewhere where I can go and just —

Giving taxi goers a hot ride with her music and stripping down in big
apple hot spotsss red rock west and a-z everybody gettin’ down and stayin’
up all night in the city that never slepts “trl presents: Christina stripped
in nyc”




Christina, ooohh!


It’s ridiculous.

Bobby we got quddus


I’m about to go on stage and perform for the first time a live performance
of “dirrty” we’ll see how that goes.


Christina. Good to meet ya how you feelin’.

All right.

I feel kinda amped, first time you perform “dirrty” right.

That’s makin’ me nervous.

Youctctually were born here, born here in new york you can feel at home
and feel a bit better.

Absolutely, yeah.

You are ready to rock right

I think I’m ready. I think I’m ready.

I see your peoples over theretin’ for you so i won’t hold you up. You
go ahead, break a leg.



Thank you jesus, heavenly father

[Inaudible] In jesus’ name amen.




Give it up for miss christina aguilera.


>>>> — For y’all out here.




Gettin’ dirrty over there, woooo! Come here. Come here

Thank you.

There’s n reason to be nervous. They leave you.

I know. I know how to blast. I had a blast. It feels to have that again.

On stage, reggie doin’ his thing redman how was it to collaborate with
your girl here?

Come on, man nothin’ man, you know. Two people talented, we talented.
Put it together it’s like magic.

You got big plans in town right.

I do. I’m doin’ a couple performances in a few places, try to go out
with my girls and guys and have fun.


I love you, too! See ya later.

Announcer: Coming up christina cuts loose on the streets of new york

You are not a virgin.



I think it’s great Britney is takin’ a break.

Here we go, 5,, 3 —

[Background music]

You know, the album “stripped” this be nice to talk with her kind of
stripped away all the entourage and all the people and i know she has a
lot to say about the record. It speaks for itself so it will be good just
to talk with her about it.


Okay she’s coming. Everybody we’re going to sound please ….


How are you?

There you go.

Good to see you.

What’s happenin’ how are you.

Good how have you been.

Good it’s been a long time. Good to see you.

Good to see you, too.

I was up late listening to your new album.

Last night?



Tell me about the beginning of this album when it did really start you
did have a chunk of time off when you werehiing about coming back obviouslyt’s
been a while.

Definitely wanted to disappr for a minute from the spotlight and definitely
just had to take a break in all that to save my santy enough to sit down
and gather all the thoughts I’ve written about and kind of gather all that
together and, uhm, be able to form it into song form.

Even initially you weren’t even thrilled with gefldz ie being your first
single off the first album. Did that sort of set off that initial image
you kind of got from that, doing a genie pose and it seemed it happened
so fast you became that image before you had a chance to stop it.

Exactly. I think it was very catchy and sellable and me being 17 years
old, so green to the whole thing but so wanting to be a part of making
the album,

[Inaudible] The studio, making music was a dream to me it was like okay
I’ll be what i need to be and go where I need to go, like i want this dream
to come true and before you know you are living a life or image that wasever
really you. I was never really great at being the all-american pop princess
ha-ha cookie cutter virginal thing. I was never really good at that and
final I us a able to be like you know what I’ll just be me and strip everything
down to just, you know, who i really am like it or not.

You are not a virgin?

Uhh, ha-ha that’s


I heard that, actually you know, dirrty isn’t really indicative of the
whole album are you worried people who see the video and hear the song
take it for what it is will sort of judge this revival of where you are
at now based on that,lmlmost what happened with “genie” in a way.

People are always so judgmental and will think whatever they want to.

Isn’t it what it is, it is i just turned 21 friday night not like get
your — I’m gettin’ my girls and get your boys and let’s go out can you
really express how things have changed from that 17 year-old to now and
hasn’t time just flown don’t you talk about that in the record.

Yeah I’ve been hurt a lot, betrayed the same thing everybody goes through
and made a record about it. I was really honest and hope and felt pretty
vulnerable at times making the record.

Where do you find your strength. Do you pray?

Yeah, i do.

Do you write?

I definitely pray. I definitely write.

Hit the bottle.

Hit the bottle.

How do you get through it people when they go through tough times maybe
want to know what christina does, drama for you.

To me escaping through other sources of alcohol or whatever it doesn’t
really no carrier ringconnect 1200 test … …

Hey what’s happenin’.

Not much baby, not much. How you doin’.

Come on in. How’s it goin’.

All right.

How are you, sir where you goin’?

Empire state building.

A popular place.

We got a little freaky song for you.

Uh, oh.

Freaky song.

His name is carson.

Hi how are ya.

I’m christina.

Hi, honey.

Nice to see you.

Actually, i recognize you.


You do? This is christina’s new album not out yet. We are going to play
new music and see what you think

[Background music]

Ha-ha funky ass.

He said funky-ass, all right

[Background music]

I love this hair.

Thank you.

[Background music]

So what are you up to these days, miss christine?

Ridin’ around in a taxi cab with carson daly.


Isn’t he cute are you together — are you with somebody now?


[Background music]

Everyday is so wonderful .

Frankie are you with us this is my friend’s christine in’s album.

I thought it was you.

What are you, crazy?!


A beautiful voice, you know that.


Imagine playin’ this in the band.

She certainly has a beautiful voice.


Oh, he’s bad, a little pervert, i love him.

A little ber vert.

Little per vekt?!

This is good

[Background music]

Tight hip huggers low for sure .

Yeah, I like this one what’s the name of this one.

It’s called “dirrty”.

“Dirrty” this is — this is our song.

That’s my song!


This is us.

[Background music]

Frankie, this is you.

[Background music]

That was a lot of Thank you. Frankie nice to see ya thanks for
keepin’ your pants on i appreciate that


Nice to meet you, as well.

Bye sweetie take care it was so much fun take real care.



[Background music]

So when in new york you got to tell you to this spot called the red
rock west right here let’s go and do the damn thing. Kick some butt tonight!



A little different

You know what, i have a feeling the energy over here i think i wanna
maybe do a little purchase mans. Are you gonna be able to intro.


[Inaudible] For real.

All right.

[Background music]


I brought my girl wit me so you know y’all know i know how to party
so we about to really represent, y’all show some love like never before
for my dogg, christina aguilera


Thank you () ( )

Christina, tear it up.

Do this little acoustic thank you ha-ha

You go girl () ( )

Some of you may recognize this from the first album

Thank you

[Inaudible] For christina aguilera! Ai’ight?! Just when you thought
the party was over the bar is open and drinks are on me, is let’s get it





Announcer: Coming up christina and her dancers

[Inaudible] With lala and more:

Hi, mom.

That’s christina, she says hi! () ( ) A a a a a I I


Oh, no


Come on, girls, jump in.


Oh, my god


All right, easy ladies. Slide over. Slide over



Carson daly!

All right. All right


[Talking simultaneously]

All right, ladies. Settle down. Settle down. Seltion down.

You guys wanna hear some of my new album


[Talking simultaneously]

[Background music]

I’m in a taxi with christina aguilera and carson daly.


No, I’m in the

[Inaudible] So pretty.


Thank you.

I’m like



[Background music]

Can you say hi to my mom real quick.

Hi, mom.

That’s christina, she says “hi” you just talked to christina! When you
sing, i love it like you have to know you actually had heard and affect

Thank you.

Never stop. Never stop!

— Needed you to say that to me ’cause sometimes it’s really hard to

All right guys our little adventure is over.

Bye guys, thanks wow!

You guys ready to eat?

I’m ready.

There is this place a-z we’re going to so good!

Let’s go.


Oh, my skirt.

You make me feel like i got on a P.G. Outfit.



What kind of food do they have here, do you know?

How are you doin’ ladies?

Thank you.

Let’s make a toast.

Make a toast.

You make a toast.

A toast to —


[Talking simultaneously]


I’m an equal opputinst

Okay. What about you?

I have a weakness for white boys.

You do, too

A little bit of like the crunch.

Okay, yeah



You like pharelle ohh.

You can’t talk you look him, too christina, come on what do you prefer,
white or black or u qaul opportunity.

Oh, listen, i can’t say that people that know me know what I like


Yes, i do


What i would hear was like you took like this break. Did you really,
were you really chillin’ or just a break.

I wanted to disappear purposesly for a minute just to — live life as
a 21-year-old, go out, have fun, you know that kind of stuff so I had to
do that if a minute.

I just wonder like did she just take this break.

No what does it mean


— I think it’s great Britney is takin’ a break i say hell ya take that


Go ahead shoot

— Bad blood.


— Really crazy like she just asked was there bad blood.

Oh, you asked the question.

I didn’t know if you were saying that sarcasticly or meant that seriously?

Oh, no, no, no totally seriously. When you work hard, you know and going
through a break-up and all that it’s not easy, you know



I wanna feel like you guys can relate to what


[Laughter] Urchlts I was gonna ask like you don’t have to answer if
you don’t want to but what is the longest when you started having sex that
you went without having sex.

— Talkin’ about this


Never will i ever.

— Have i ever


Until the cameras go off.

You want to answer that.

I couldn’t even think.

I was like …

[Talking simultaneously]


Two weeks

Two days

Shut it!

— A supporter she’s like that’s a good video. She got really offended
because mtv had actually made me change a couple of scenes they weren’t
thated about to be changed or whatever in my opinion because I’m sorry
rap videos and all this stuff like they show all the time like my mom got
mad she was like christina it’s a total sexist thing, i swear it is because
I’m serious it’s like you know you get like what mystical came out like

[Inaudible] And the girl with the nipple tassels, you could see her
full breasts, only blurred out her nipples and i kim up with booty shorts
like double standards and a smack on my ass how many times in “jackass”
do they do that my mom was so cute I’m gonna write mtv I’m like mom, go

You want some of this?

What is that?

It’s sorbet do you like peanut butter I do, too.

What is it flan.

I’m full you full

Christina, why don’t you toast.

That’s a good idea to a lovely dinner between a bunch of beautiful young
ladies. Hi a great time with all of you and, uhm, here’s to going out later
tonight andavin’ a good time and gettin’ dirrty

Announcer: On the way christina is back at the mtv studio to premiere
two new songs from “stripped”.

Here we go, 5, 4, 3.

The world premiere of “beautiful” ladies and gentlemen, christina aguilera.
Orbell rings ]

Already talked to the kids explained what we are gonna do, everybody
stands up bleachers out, everyone slides that way and the camera moves.

Here we go, 5,.

When was the last time were you here, a while. Two years?


Actually i remember the first performance you were wearin’ those —
remember the pants, the hot pink pants.

I know; right i looked like a


A camera outside and you crossed the street it was like all right pink
pants all right come on in


Ladies and gentlemen, christina aguilera


Welcome, everybody. It’s nice to see you all.




All right. All right. All right. Nice to have you all here obviously
they are very — christina they are very excited to see you.

Oh, my gosh it feels so good again


I forgot. Ha-ha.


Thank you very much.

So here we are about 10 days before the release of “stripped” your album.
How do you feel.

Yes. Yes. I feel amazing, really, really good. Uhm, I’m happy. I’m happy
it’s my own thing now and, uh, it’s my — my first introduction of myself,
the real me to everybody so it’s a good time for me.

We are excited to bring a couple world premiere songs you’ll do today
tell us a bit about “beautiful” you are about to do.

The song “beautiful” fell in love with when i heard it. Actually one
of the only songs I didn’t write but i related to so much and felt like
so many people can relate to hi to include it on my album and it fell in
with so much the porvetivity going on on my record written by linda perry
one of my favorite songs.

Nobody in the world could sing this song better than you.

A simple song, actually.

You guys are in for a treat. Put your hands together off the upcoming
album “stripped” here is the world premiere of “beautiful” ladies and gentlemen,
christina aguilera.


Thank you.

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