Tristan Prettyman Isn’t Down With Processed Foods

checked in with fans on her blog at tumblr this evening, talking about her diet. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Generally speaking, I hate processed foods. Anything found in the middle of a supermarket, I stay away from. My basket is always filled, with fresh produce, and the occasional boxed drinks of coconut water, or boxes of quinoa.

Its interesting though, because now that I have been told to lay off the dairy & wheat items, I have been trying to find replacements..gluten free english muffins, pasta, vegan cheese, pizza dough, etc…when in reality, i never ate much of this stuff to begin with. I guarantee that the replacements, are filled with the same calories as the original stuff, or in some cases more. Plus most of the vegan/gluten free/low fat/nonfat options are worse for you, than just eating the original form of the food.

That is something I always followed. Even when I was vegan, I never liked to eat the soy sausage. Its probably worse for you, and more ingredients than regular plain sausage. Dairy free cheese, while I love it, often uses more ingredients than just plain cheese, from the cow..hopefully a happy cow.

I’ve always felt its important, that if you are going to eat something, whatever it is. Eat it in as close to its natural state as you can eat it.

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