Tristan Prettyman Reflects On Community College Experience

Tristan Prettyman

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) on Saturday (June 20), talking about her limited college experience, living it up lately, and visiting Bali. The singer songwriter tells readers:

From time to time, I trip out on the fact that I never completed college. I mean I went to community college for a couple years, but like all my other peers who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives at 19, I was studying business communication. I thought I might like to be a rep for a surf company, that way I could be creative, yet still be social, remain in the surf scene that I grew up in, all while holding down a good job, with a steady income. It was a safe bet. Then music came along, and changed everything.

I’ll never forget my parents pulling me aside, after one of my first shows at the Belly Up Tavern, and saying, “We think you should go play music, this seems to make you really happy, you can always go back to college if doesn’t work out”. I was psyched, and confused. Was this some sort of reverse psychology move? I was cautious and didn’t want to seem to enthusiastic just yet. I enrolled in some music classes, guitar and vocal lessons. The guitar course was a nightmare, I already knew too much, one day the teacher said to me, after failing the last 3 quizzes, ‘You’re like trying to teach English to someone who already knows the slang’. I quickly dropped that class. I did however, last a bit longer with the vocal lessons, I recall being really shy and nervous singing in front of my other classmates… I completed the course and began seeing the teacher privately. That was the extent of my college experience.

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