Tristan Prettyman Thrilled After Finally Getting A Tour Bus

Tristan Prettyman

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) last night, talking about finally having a tour bus after many tours where she had to ride from town to town in Geo Metros, Ford Explorers, or Lincoln Town Cars. “I can’t even tell you how awesome it is,” the San Diego singer songwriter tells fans, “it’s just like crazy, it’s moving, we are in traffic, don’t matter, we still can hang out, geek out, make food, surf the internet, watch TV, read a book, do yoga on the floor, watch a movie, play guitar, and when you have to pee, you don’t even have to pull off to the rest stop, you can go right in the bus!!! AHHH AMAZING…. The bus does have one rule: No number 2! You have to ask our lovely driver to make a quick stop for that… but he gladly will, quickly, so even number 2ing is awesome!!! It’s just great, and there is only 4 of us on the bus; Chris, Matty, our tour manager Mike, and me! Its just swizzlin.”

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