TRL Celebrates 1000th Episode With Musical Melting Pot

It was a big day on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday as they celebrated their 1000th episode. Guests included Kid Rock, *NSYNC’s JC Chasez, Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, B2K, Vanessa Carlton, Ashanti, Blink 182 frontman Mark Hoppus, Nelly phoned in, and No Doubt. Performances were by No Doubt and Nick Carter. Highlights included JC and Nick giving each other’s bands props, Nick revealing he went to Vanessa Carlton’s show, and JC announcing that he isn’t dating anyone at the moment because he’s too busy. For a transcript of the interview portions of the show, read on.

Carson: Nick starting with you’ve been involved with TRL with the backstreet boys. What did TRL mean do you remember your first individual yobing no. 1.

Nick: TRL made us, really, you know [Applause] That’s the facts, you know. Ha-ha. TRL was always down with us you know what I’m sayin hopefully a lot of artists realize how influential TRL really is to their careers and, you know, i mean it is all about fans but like were you sayin’ before man a lot of people work behind here who don’t even get credit who make this show happen, y know.

Carson: Did you think back in the day four years ago a thousand episodes later you’d be back as a solo artist.

Nick: No. I never realized — i never expected [Cheering] And honestly, you know I’m just happen to even have my video applied on TRL you know this is amazing. I feel like my dreams are comin’ true because of all of them out there, you know, for real.

Carson: Of course Vanessa and Ashanti newcomers to TRL in the past year Ashanti my god you have blown up out of control


Ashanti: Oh, my gosh.

Carson: Were you a fan of TRL, were you aware of the show prior to becoming a superstar.

Ashanti: Definitely. Definitely. TRL what heavy role in my living room.

Carson: How about you Vanessa,ere you aware of the program?

Vanessa: Of course I was, Carson.

Carson: Were you busy writing in a corner somewhere.

Vanessa: No. I would get back late from work and i knew all about TRL but i didn’t think I’d be on it.

Carson: Right.

Vanessa: But it is nice to be here.

Carson: Nice it have you.

Vanessa: Comfy couch.

Carson: Phoner.

Phoner: Wha’ssup.

Carson: Where from.

Phoner: From rich, Georgia.

Carson: Nice to have you on TRL 1000 do you have question.

Phoner: Yeah, i wonder if you guys ever thought about working together.

Carson: Who.

Phoner: Nick, Ashanti and Vanessa

Nick: We actually just met. The funniest i just went and show your other night and you didn’t even know.

Vanessa: I didn’t even know.

Carson: How was she supposed to know.

Vanessa: I had everything black out there.

Nick: I dipped out essentially.

Vanessa: Thank you for coming.

Carson: such a big crowd.

Damien: J.C., We’ll talk to but being *NSYNC and of course the backstreet Boys really forming the foundation of what pop music was when TRL first came out. Absolutely huge, drew a huge audience outside the window now guys like this kinda make their way up the ladder a bit. Are you big fans, what do you think


JC: Give me your mic. Sorry this one’s busted.


JC: No, i think it’s great, man these guys are awesome they took dancin’ to a whole nother level and are great singers and havin’ fun, so.

Damien: Thanks, JC.

Damien: B2k growing up and watching TRL how did J.C. And the guys of nsync influence you guys?

B2K: Moss definitely we have to go with “bye bye bye”.

B2K: Yeah, they all changed the game with that.

B2K: And dancin’ and [Inaudible] It was hot.

Carson: Well, thank you for those kind words Justin we appreciate it. Welcome back to TRL 1000 in Los Angeles and New York we are new york now getting into the top 10 all-time TRL videos hangin’ out with our friends you see Ashanti and nick signing that instant poll raid poster for Eva from Georgia who called about 10 minutes ago. I’m with arguably my favorite people in the history of music. And — it’s hard to not get nostalgic on a day like today i remember being in Santa Cruz watching no doubt play hangin’ out in some rundown hotel aid yen and I haungin’ out in.

No Doubt: And look what’s happened to you. Carson


Carson: Congratulations on your nuptials and you have a child that’s crazy for me, as well. Being a band around quite some time and have done a ton of music shows and entertainment shows anybody have any word on how this show like TRL lasted a thousand shows?

Gwen: I think for me it’s those girls out on the streets that are like, you know, I really like No Doubt


Gwen: I think that’s what made the show really last you know is that energy.

Carson: Tom do you remember watching this show at home.

Tom: Uhm, yeah, i did. I remember getting on line and voting for my own band nope doubt


Carson: It worked.

Tom: Many times. It is workin’.

Carson: Any thoughts.

No Doubt: The toughest thing about being on the show you can never hear what you are saying. We can right now but usually you can’t hear anything it is so frickin’ loud


Carson: Yeah it is. These guys will perform and you are doing something cool today.

Gwen: An acoustic version of “underneath at all” which actually is the no. 1 song in the country right now because of people like these right here. We are excited about that.

Carson: Good.

Carson: Thank you, Ja. Trl 1000 live in new york and L.A. Carson daly, the top 10 all-time TRL videos voted on by you and special guests here in the studio. Vanessa Carlton, Ashanti, Nick Carter looking back at a thousand shows and more let me bring out a guy i can’t say enough good things about, here since the get-go and nice enough to return on a special day for us the original American bad ass, Kid Rock!


Carson: What do you say, bobby? Come on over. What’s happenin’, broth you know Nick, Ashanti, Vanessa, this is Bob.

Kid Rock: Hi, Nick, Ashanti, Vanessa.

Carson: Bob, great to have you here. You’ve just been so supportive of this show after you blew up, cue have forgotten about us and never come back.

Kid Rock: This show kinda blew me up.

Carson: What has this show done for you, do you think?

Kid Rock: Blew me up


Carson: Made you a rich man.

Kid Rock: Yes, it did. Thank you. Uhm, yeah. I don’t know what more to say.

Carson: You know, actually bob supported us at show 500 you sent joey to us, a day I won’t forget, as well. A rumors do you need to start planning a bachelor party for you?

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh.

Kid Rock: Ha-ha.

Carson: Yes!

Kdi Rock: Actually i can’t have a bachelor party actually Pamela told me your whole life has been a latch lor party


Carson: Could you imagine what a bachelor party for kid rock would be? We would have to go to moon or something. When you broke, i remember we were big fans of “bawitwaba” seeing kid rock you’ve seen his back-stage things when you broke onto this show it was pop acts you broke the way for Korn, Limp Bizkit. Are you surprised the TRL embraced your sort of vibe early on some.

Kid Rock: I don’t know it was a crazy mix through the whole thing it was a lot of stuff we were didin’, a lot of stuff these guys were doin’, ha-ha, whatnot so it was — ha-ha, kinda nutty all the way around but I’m just happy a lot of good stuff showed through everything, you know.

Carson: You’ve been one of the rare artists very accepting of the sort of you and feel of TRL with pop bands and hip-hop and everything being part of it.

Kid Rock: That’s what makes it all go around, man we tease each other a lot. I love that, so you know.

Carson: Good we’ll go out to L.A. With Damien and mark from blink 182. Hey Damien.

Damien: Hey, Carson what’s goin’ on


Damien: As you can see Mark Hoppus from blink 182.

Mark: Hi.

Damien: Blink absolutely one of the craziest bands out there. Especially on TRL. Made some really silly videos, “the rock show” i know you got the budget and spent it on the homeless guy gettin’ a lap dance that was always good and “all the small things” and “first day” with ’70s porn star kinda guys.

Mark: — Like here, this is for you ha-ha. Supposed to be more like the BeeGees, but ’70s porn guys, sure


Damien: You did have the TRL audience in mind when you were makin’ ’em?

Mark: I don’t think you can really [Inaudible] — Something. We just do what we like and hopefully people like it and help flow people get the joke and sometimes people don’t get the joke and sometimes you know whatever we make videos for ourselves and hopefully other people like it.

Damien: That’s a good thing. Looks like everybody got the joke


Damien: You paved the way i think, too, for punk pop bands, Good Charlotte on the countdown now on there for a long time. I think in the same sense Green Day paved the way for you guys. Ho do you feel about doin’ that about being the trailblazers for people like new found glory, sum 41.

Mark: I support all those bands. I love all the new bands comin’ up K.I just hold it like this. I love all the new bands comin’ up. I support any band that will continue to support the scene and make good music i support so, yeah, whatever we can do to help other bands is our honor and pleasure.

Damien: You are certainly doin’ that thank you very much Mark Hoppus from blink 182. Trl’s 1000th episode back to your favorite videos ever, of course blink 182 known for their sense of humor i told you just about that. You feature little people in the shows and they even sent some to TRL to speak for them check it out your 7th favorite moment of all time no. 7 blink 182 “all the small things” on TRL 1000.

Carson: Damn right a look at TRL givin’ love to fans it is going down in caliat the house of blues with Snoop wha’ssup, baby


Carson: I’m chillin’, snoop you have had so many highlights on TRL. What is it about TRL that allows you to come through and wild out every time.

Snoop: Probably to be able to be you know so close to the fans and the people outside

Carson: No doubt. Also b2k here what ‘up babies how y’all in’.

B2K Fo sure.

Carson: Talk to me about performing “uh-huh” the first time on TRL what was that like, that feeling.

B2K: Oh, man it was crazy when we heard we was even comin’ on TRL you know what I’m sayin’ let lettin’ us perform and seein’ all our fans turn out that made that real big.

B2K: It was crazy, for real.

Carson: It was crazy definitely did the thing. What can we expect from b2k for the next TRL 1000 shows.

B2K: Oh, man.

B2K: I mean, hopefully we can bring like a big production you know what I’m sayin’ maybe even a little thin’-somethin’ a stage, a big show.

Carson: Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice Shakira “whenever, wherever” at 6 we are with Ashanti and Vanessa Carlton. You came at a resurgence explosion of females dominating the scene you both have but tell me about the challenges of an up and coming female watching and maybe writing their own lyrics


Vanessa: It is so important but for me I didn’t really see any other option. I mean i wanted to do it my way or I would just stille singin’ in clubs and i where right now. Uhm, I’m lucky that I was embraced and I feel like


It was kind of


Vanessa: Thank you. I feel like if you have a strong point of view and if you are creative and you kinda want to share your experiences, uh, you have an obligation to do so so i — i was lucky I’m here but i still write my own songs, so it’s good


Carson: Ashanti, i think people — i think women are sexier when they throw on a guitar or sit down at at piano or write their own music, and the talent comes through even more i know you do that and you have a book of poetry comin’ out.

Ashanti: Definitely. I have a book comin’ out very heartfelt a personal to let people know who i am a lot of experiences I go through in the book.

Carson: You are great representatives of females.

We’ll move on with the top 10 all-time requested videos up to the new chris — to old Christina have you seen the new one “Dirrty” Bob.

Kid Rock: Yes, i have

Carson: Any comments.

Kid Rock: Huh.

Carson: any comments.

Kid Rock: Rock on.

Carson: We are all here and want to interrupt for a second on the phone in the middle of his tour is Nelly. What’s up dirty.

Nelly: What ‘up Carson

Carson: How you doin’.

Nelly: I’m chillin’.

Carson: We appreciate you callin’ in some love for TRL 1000.

Nelly: No doubt, no doubt congratulations.

Carson: Thank you how is the tour and where are you right now.

Nelly: It’s hot. Actually I’m in the middle of the road dirrty somewhere in between, uhm Illinois and — and Iowa, somewhere in there


Carson: Illinois and Iowa, ha-ha.

Nelly: Somewhere in there, man, i don’t know.

Carson: You have performed on this stage at TRL, Nelly tell everybody a bit about what you remember about performing on this quintessential corner of Broadway and 45th in new york with all the excitement.

Nelly: It is just crazy. I think when you

[Inaudible] You know it’s hard to believe you know what I’m sayin’ ’cause we never thought would make it to MTV when we first started out like this so for us to come there and actually get there to perform and have the support


Carson: Definitely i heard thank you for callin’ the best to the St. Lunatics we appreciate it and thanks for the support.

Nelly: No doubt.

Carson: Let’s talk to big nick here out in L.A. Is J.C. From NSYNC.

Where you at.

JC: Wha’ssup, man.

Carson: Can you see me?

JC: I can’t see you but i can hear you.

Carson Okay.

Carson: I think it is has taken a thousand shows to get a backstreet boy and member of nsync on the show at exactly the same time J.C., How much did the press make over the rivalry in your opinion between backstreet and nsync over the years?

JC: Well, uhm, they didn’t — i think they blew it a little out of proportion uhm, at the end of the day they just doing what they did and we were doing what we were doing and having fun along the way. As far as like being competitive, I think everybody on TRL wants to be no. 1. But, uhm there’s no harm in being no. 2 or no. 5 as long as you are on the show and stuff like that.

Carson: Nick from the backstreet camp what did you think about the rivalry back in the day when you battled out on this show.

Nick: I didn’t feel there was any rivalry, excuse me. I think the press really like bww it out of proportion i think the ng we were doing the same thing but the cool thing they did good music and I feel like we did good music and that’s all that really mattered you know


JC: I concur.

Nick: I support anything they do and I always have.

Carson: Do you have a favorite nsync song.

Nick: My favorite actually you can hear me right you can hear me it is actually “tearin’ up my heart” i really like.

JC: Oh.

Nick: The reason because when we were touring in Europe when neither of us were big in america at all that song was playin’ and stuff so that has a lot of memories for me so it was really cool. I love this song.

Carson: All right there you go. This the kind of — the only show in the world you’ll hear something like that thank you boys both for that we’ll get to the backstreet boys at no. 4 first time in ’98 Nick wasn’t even here. You’ll see that moment then you’ll see “i want it that way” at 4, all-time on trl

Carson: The second favorite video ever no one will ever forget the first time they saw Britney Spears in a video called “baby one more time” we’ll get to that. Nick you aren’t really going out with her are you.

Nick: No. No. I’m a single man, i like being single I like it.

Carson: I know bob wants to say something right now do you want to chime in.

Kid Rock: Actually, I don’t remember.

Carson: Ha-ha.

Kid Rock: I’m going out with Britney.

Carson: There is a news story.

Nick: Don’t get me wrong, i mean she’s fine and all.

Carson: It is just not happenin’.

Nick: It ain’t happenin’.

Carson: Where did they get all the pictures.

Nick: You tell me.

Carson: Come on, man take


Nick: All right. All right it’s.

Carson: Let’s watch Britney Spears “baby one more time” no. 2 voted on but i guys TRL video of all time here is britney

Carson: I remember that when it first came out second favorite individual of all time on trl’s thousandth episode. You guys one last question for you guys celebrating TRL 1000 what is great it brings all genres of music together, punk artists next to hip-hop next to pop artists neck to r & b artists what do you think about TRL that makes that happen? That’s such a special thing starting with you, mark.

Mark: Uhhhhh.

Carson: Here we go.

Mark: I think. I think


Mark: You know a lot of different music in the world and everyone has different tastes and it brings people together because there’s so much music out there.

Mark: How is that.

Carson: Snoop?

Snoop: It’s good music people want. I think the fact the show is interactive has a lot to say about it


?: It brings — i mean all these different genres of music, everybody — all their listeners they want to see their song no. 1 and everything like that and it created a melting pot you know because people who would say maybe watch the late-night videos or whatever or back in the day head bangers ball they wouldn’t watch young T.V. Raps but to see their song they have to watch this other music, too and over time over the last 4 or years they’ve grown to enjoy some of the other stuff.

Carson: Definitely though doubt. Right now it is time to crown your favorite TRL video, ever before we get into it we’ll show you nsync’s first appearance on TRL way before J.C. Started dating Britney Spears take a look at that clip and the video you voted no. 1 favorite of all time nsync’s “pop” yeah!

JC: Let me clarify I’m not dating anyone at the moment


JC: I have no time to date anyone at the moment.

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