TRL Interview With Britney Spears

was on MTV’s Total Request Live for Spankin’ New Music Week where she performed ‘Me Against the Music’ and ‘Boom Boom’ before a packed crowd outside in Times Square, New York City. Britney also played a game of fact or fiction and answered some questions written on fans’ signs. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: Welcome back to new york city. More importantly, welcome back to day one of Spankin’ New Music Week. The biggest week I would argue in music, certainly in TRL history. Check out number nine, Justin Timberlake and “I’m loving it.” He was here last week. Did “cry me a river” and of course we’re here with Britney Spears. Talking about — talking about all things Britney, really. You know, you said — you said you were not a girl, not yet a woman. Are you a woman now? I think after that performance, I think you are.

Britney: I definitely think I have experience. I think you’re going
to grow as an artist and a person. Yeah, I’m much more a woman than a girl.

TRL: Definitely. You haven’t had a new album since Britney. What have you learned in the past two years?

Britney: Probably take your time out. You have to take your time. I
was really blessed to collaborate with people like Madonna and Moby. Make sure you take your time and have the chemistry with the people to make a great record and do it your way.

TRL: Your record is coming out next week. If you want people to take
one thing away from the new record, what would it be?

Britney: Honestly, i think music is just emotion, and, you know, you
listen to a song that can bring you back to when you’re 12 or 13. Just to hear my record and feel and be touched in some way.

TRL: A little nostalgia.

TRL: We want to let you know a bout the leak on You will hear new albums from pink and Britney Spears and g-unit, and jay-z and blink
182. We have to holler at Quddus.

TRL: What up? The fans have been out here all day long. A lot have questions for Britney and we asked them to write them down on posters, so why don’t you hold them up. Britney is going to pick out some of the questions and we’ll get her answer after this next video. This is Outkast with “hey ya.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: There is video number eight. Up two from Friday. Times square is packed with fans as you see, obviously. A lot of them have questions for Ms. Britney Spears. They wrote them out on big old signs and creatively drawn on posters here. Want to answer some of these?

Britney: The last thing I bought myself?

TRL: That’s a good one, yeah.

Britney: I like that one. I think I’m I bought a bracelet. It was a
— of course I’m not wear it now, but it was kind of expensive. So a bracelet,

TRL: All right. We have a sea of signs. Feel free to pick another one.

Britney: How often do i work out?

TRL: That’s a good one.

Britney: You know, I haven’t worked out in a long time, because I was
just sick. But normally two or three days a week.

TRL: That’s it?

Britney: Yeah. That’s it.

TRL: Very interesting.

Britney: Guiltiest pleasure. I like that one too. Ice cream, man.

TRL: Me too.

Britney: That’s — I love ice cream.

TRL: What flavor?

Britney: Vanilla.

TRL: Just plain vanilla?

Britney: Yeah.

TRL: I mistook you for a rocky road or some kind —

Britney: I don’t know. I like the smoothness of vanilla. Makes me feel

TRL: All right. We have a lot more with Britney on the way including
one of the best games of fact or fiction. Back to the countdown, number seven, it’s no doubt and “it’s my life.”

TRL: Hey, checking out TRL. A look at Britney Spears, “in the zone”
and out all night. She’s hanging with us in times square. If you happen to notice, happen to see that actually airs Sunday at noon here on MTV. One night, three different clubs. Pretty crazy.

Britney: It was really crazy. It was crazy.

TRL: Happens on Saturday. All the behind the scenes action action. You’re checking out some of it right now and check out the first club of the night.
Are you a regular at the club at show?

Britney: Yeah. I am. It’s awesome.

TRL; They have the beautiful swings and stuff.

TRL: Yeah, they put on a whole show for you.

TRL: How hard was it to get into three clubs in one night and pack it
in and perform.

Britney: It wasn’t crazy. I hadn’t performed in a while. So we had three to go to. But it was cool — the crowd, it was so warm and the energy and
the love was awesome. So they motivated me on.

TRL: Britney like you never have seen her before. Make sure you write it down “in the zone and out all night.”

TRL: Definitely. Back to the request. This is Christina Aguilera and
“the voice within.” Down a spot from Friday. Christina stopped by last week during “Spankin’ new music week.” Her album “Stripped” is still going strong. In just a second, Britney is going to put some rumors to rest.

TRL: Finally.

TRL: We’re going to play a little game of fact or fiction.

You obviously get a lot of press and the gossip rags and the magazines. It is really hard to decipher what is fact and what is fiction. What should
your fans believe as truth, and we’re going to help you decipher that right now with a little something we’re doing called fact or fiction with Ms. Britney spears. Let’s check this out.

TRL: Okay, Britney, fact or fiction, you’re planning to move to London,
the Associated Press quoted you saying you wanted to move there.

Britney: Fact.

TRL: Fact? You are moving to —

Britney: Yeah.

TRL: Why do you love London?

Britney: I don’t know. I like the simplicity — I’m not moving there
for a while. Maybe during the summertime, I’m getting a place there. I love the simplicity, they have the milkman still comes. It’s very nice. I love it there.

TRL: All right. All right. Fact or fiction, your phone number changes
every week. You hired a security firm to change your number every week?

Britney: Fiction. Fiction. Yeah.

TRL: Still got the same old number.

Britney: Yeah. I have the same old number.

TRL: Fact or fiction, Madonna is not the first girl you kissed and you
wouldn’t mind kissing more. You’re fed up with guys and love kissing girls.

Britney: That’s fiction. So fiction.

TRL: Sounds too good to be true.

TRL: All right. Fact or fiction, you are going to have your own talk
show. You’re launching a talk show next September.

TRL: This is cool.

Britney: Fiction. Fiction. Yeah.

TRL: Not going to happen?

Britney: No.

TRL: Your next movie is going to be “Grease 3.”

Britney: Fiction.

TRL: She’s like where are you getting this stuff from? All right. Because on line sites keep saying you’re appearing as the child of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

Britney: No.

TRL: Fact or fiction, you’re dating an actor right now?

TRL: Come on!

Fan: Don’t lie!

Britney: Fiction. Fiction, yeah.

TRL: You’re not dating an actor right now.

Damien: So, I know what this means. You’re telling me there’s a chance! I’m just kidding. She’s like you’re so cute. All right, anyway, thanks for being a good sport. Give it up for Britney Spears, a little fact and fiction on TRL. These guys are going to rock the stage tomorrow. Probably the band I’m most excited to see this week, ladies and gentlemen this is blink 182 and “feeling this,” a kicking song on “Spankin’ new music week.”

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10 thoughts on “TRL Interview With Britney Spears

  1. StrippedForever says:

    TRL: Britney, your upcoming CD will flop? Britney: FACT. So so so true, I mean like 50 Cent would beat da crap outta me. Nobody listens * * * music like in my CD. But hey, I’m still going to be around anyway…y’ a ho or something Bye bitches, don’t forget to buy my upcoming Lesbian DVD out on NOV.18 also.

  2. JnChrisFan1 says:

    come on now that wasn’t necessary, well anyway she did pretty good on her performances and she actually tried to sing live which I applaud her for that, but don’t do it again it sounded horrible, but hay at least you tried….damn her pants were low as hell you could even see her crack which is something you hardly see on her when she wears low pants but these were hella low, overall she did good and I’m gaining more respect cause now she’s doing more good stuff instead of teeny pop, but its good to see her growing up musically and I think she would get more respect and I think the haters are caving in as well that’s why they try and hate her so much, but they secretly like her or they wouldn’t be coming in here to talk about her and vis versa with Christina haters….but 2 thumbs up Britney, ya did good with this one (cd), this would be the first Britney CD that I’m gonna buy

  3. breez says:

    “Britney: Honestly, I think music is just emotion, and, you know, you listen to a song that can bring you back to when you’re 12 or 13. Just to hear my record and feel and be touched in some way. ” LMAO! I have never heard more emotionless, soul-less robotic music than Britney Spears’ music.

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    “Honestly, I think music is just emotion, and, you know, you listen to a song that can bring you back to when you’re 12 or 13. Just to hear my record and feel and be touched in some way. ” ANOTHER BRITNEY-TRYING-TO-ACT-LIKE-SHE-KNOWS-MUSIC MOMENTS. OF COURSE IT WILL TAKE YOU BACK WHEN YOU 12 AND 13… BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE…A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL SINGING HORRIBLE POP SONGS.


  5. musikluver says:

    you seem to be very BITTER! you know her CD is good and you just can’t stand it….. her music has changed and she is showing more vocal range and styles in this cd… its not ugly singing…… she has a beautiful voice, and her songs are upbeat and happy.. that to me is way better than sitting in a dark room away from everyone pouting about your pathetic life is while listening to someones voice which sounds like a dying elephant! and yes.. I’m talking about Christina since you love to compare the two…. you’re funny!

  6. breez says:

    It’s funny how you Britney fans seem to always label the Britney haters jealous and bitter. do you hate Hitler? OMG you’re jealous! you’re bitter!

  7. hellahooked says:

    LOL what a moron you are. What does Hitler have to do with this? That was so stupid, breez. To use Hitler like an example, when things are completely different between him and Britney.

    That was good to read! I am so gonna download her performance seeing as she sang live! I am so happy that MATM has spent 7 consecutive days at #1 on TRL!

  8. breez says:

    True, Hitler and Britney are completely different. Think about it. People hate Hitler because of what he did, not because they’re jealous of him. People hate Britney because of what she did, not because they’re jealous of him. It’s the same.

  9. Lotus says:

    Does anyone here know if MTV still gives her money? They helped with the finance for “Crossroads” and who knows what else and that would explain why the only number ones she seems to be getting now are on MTV’s TRL. Funny the way THE FAN says “Don’t lie!”. LOL!

  10. FaustoAguilera says:

    You sad sad Christina fans,,,trying any attempt to knock Britney. Get your facts straight you idiots. 1. She will not flop….get real… the album will at least go double platinum,,,sorry but true And even if it flops she will have sold more records than Xtina. Broke a-s Christina has a lot of catching up to do!!! 2. She can sing, even if you sluts don’t like her voice. That’s your opinions,,,in my opinion Christina has an overdone voice…..opinions don’t mean anything!!! 3. Britney will always be the bigger star and Christina will do anything to break out of her shadow,,,,to no avail. 4. All you people calling Brit a lesbian keep forgetting that Christina kissed Madonna too, but I understand that,,,the whole world seems to have forgotten Xtina’s part at the VMA’s. Like I said she is always playing second fiddle to Britney.

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