TRL’s 1000th Episode Ft. Nick Carter, JC Chasez

Contributed by elgato:

Me and my friends JoJo and YoMama are here in Times Square today for TRL’s 1000th episode. There’s lots of people outside. Some of the guests are Nick Carter, JC Chasez, B2K, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg, and Ashanti. We’ve got our laptop with us and are documenting our experiences. JoJo’s got a minute by minute recap of the show that goes a little like this:

Me, Yo Mama, and Elgato are all here in Times Square. Lots of people runnin’ around tryin’ to see stars and stalk them. We’ve got Elgato’s laptop with us. They say hi. Can’t wait to see Nick (and perhaps the other Boys if the rumors are true and there here for a surprise appearance).

We’re down in Times Square but they’ve got a screen out here so we can see what’s goin’ on. I don’t think BSB’s here. Up in the studio, Carson’s talkin’ with Nick, Ashanti, Vanessa Carlton, and Kid Rock. There all standing in a semi-circle talkin’ about various moments, artists, videos. They’re about to put Nick and JC together.

JC, Snoop, Mark Hoppus, LaLa, B2K are in the LA studio.

Nick and JC are talkin.

JC was acting like he doesn’t want to be talkin’ to Nick (that’s what I think anyway). He’s acting like he can’t even give BSB a compliment.

Nick said his favorite Nsync video was Tearin’ Up My Heart cuz that’s what they were playin’ in Europe when BSB was on tour and neither BSB or Nsync had “made it” in America yet.

John Norris and Suchin Pak are going through the various news stories they’ve done over the years: AJ in rehab, Johnny No Name, sales records, Aaliyah’s death, etc.

videos #5-10 included Blink 182 All the Small Things, Whenever Wherever, Christina Aguilera’s Come On Over.

Carson asked Nick and JC about the BSB/Nsync rivalry.

JC said the media blew it out of proportion. He said there’s nothing wrong with competition cuz he thinks that every artist wants to be #1 but there’s nothing wrong with being #2 or #10 as long as your on the show. (pity that he measures success by what number you come in on TRL)

Nick said that Nsync makes good music. BSB makes good music. And that’s all that matters (everyone clapped)

Nelly also called in.

Eminem Real Slim Shady #3.

Nick’s performin’ Help Me.

he’s got on like a red T-shirt with a longsleeved white shirt underneath it.

Alisha’s playin the guitar. nick’s workin’ the crowd, shakin’ hands. his microphone is kinda low. he’s jumpin’ around. he’s bouncin’. people in the audience are singing. he’s jumpin around.

he’s goin’ buck wild. he’s hitting the window. after performin’ he dropped the microphone (very suave).

commercial break

if you saw the Top of the Pops performance, that’s what it was like.

Carson: “Very nice. I think they like him without the backstreet boys. How do you feel?”
Nick: “Tired. (he laughs and smiles)
Carson: (says something like more to come and we’ll be back after this)

Snoop, Samuel L Jackson, Ja Rule, and Puff Daddy sent in messages.

Britney Baby One More Time #2 (I guess Nsync’s #1)

Carson asked Nick about dating Britney. Nick said he’s not and likes being single. (girls in the audience stood up and clapped) Carson asked where’d they get all the pictures of Nick and Britney together. Nick said “You tell me” Kid Rock said that they’re real or something. Then Nick’s like “YOu’re right, it’s true, we’re dating.” And then he laughs.

JC’s rambling about TRL now.

Nsync’s Pop is #1. They’re showing Nsync’s first time on TRL.

Ha ha. They showed Justin back in the day talkin’ about how he’s not dating Britney Spears. People out here in Times Square are all yelling out about how he was lying to Nsync fans for all those years. Ha ha ha. We’re all laughing.

The End. It’s been real.

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