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Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife will be performing at the Latitude Festival on July 14th in the Music Arena at Henham Park in Suffolk, England. The pop trio are based out of Oxford, England. Check out a Q&A the group did with the festival’s web site below.

Q: Who is your ‘must see’ performance at Latitude this year?
A: Crystal Fighters. We toured with them earlier in the year and each night they turned the room into a rapturous carnival. They should be the perfect festival band.

Q: Not including items used in your performance, what is your ‘must-have’ festival item?
A: We have an antique compass we take everywhere which acts as our guide when we’ve lost our moral bearings. The last time we came to Latitude we had to hike to the festival site from the train station along the country roads in pitch darkness.

Q: Do you have anything special planned for your performance at Latitude?
A: Hopefully we’re going to have some extra musicians come onstage with us for one or two songs playing some interesting instruments. We’ve talked about burning a wicker effigy of Nick Clegg at the end of our set.

Q: If you could have anyone (dead or alive) to introduce you onstage who would it be (and why)?
A: Christopher Lee. It’s his voice.

Q: If you have been to Latitude before what was your favorite memory, performance or special spot on site?
A: We came to the first ever latitude with Jonquil and saw Patti Smith play.
Dancing in the woods was ridiculously fun so we’re pretty excited to be playing in the woods arena this year.

Q: Latitude is…
A: …a good place to come and lose your bearings.

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