Trouble In Britney & Justin Relationship?

Fans are talking following Wednesday’s Grammys where the usually inseparable and seemed to keep their distance last night. Justin was spotted on the red carpet with his *NSYNC bandmates, while Britney was never spotted sitting next to Justin, even though the seating layout had the two side-by-side. Still, if there really was trouble, you’d wonder why Britney was spotted sitting next to Justin’s mother Lynn Harless.

Timberlake Trying Hypnosis For His Insomnia

February 27, 2002 – Shelby Loosch of the Globe reports Justin Timberlake has been seeing a hypnotist to help cure his insomnia. The singer has such a busy schedule that he’s finding it hard to sleep at night. After a few trance sessions, his problems may now be cured.

Sarah Hughes Meets Timberlake

February 25, 2002 – Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes got to meet her favorite group *NSYNC and Access Hollywood was there when she was with Justin Timberlake. When asked if Sarah had any skating tips of him, Timberlake said, “Don’t skate next to her. She said, ‘don’t skate next to me.'” As for Hughes, she admitted to being a huge *NSYNC fan and said, “Yeah, I got to see them warm up some of their dancers and do soundtracks.” Before Justin went into a wacky dance, Sarah said of his dancing ability, “He is awesome. May be I can get a few moves you know.” She later gushed to Bob Costas on NBC over the weekend about meeting Timberlake, “He is awesome and I can’t wait to tell my friends about it.”

Britney Ignores Fans While Downing Melonballs With Justin

February 17, 2002 – The New York Post reports was spotted at Planet Hollywood ignoring pleas of screaming young fans for autographs. Instead, the pop tart was drinking melonballs (2 parts Vodka, 2 parts Midori melon liqueur, and 3 parts pineapple juice) with her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake Shave A Model For Army Barber In Afghanistan

February 17, 2002 – CDNow’s Miss Truth reports journalists stationed in Afghanistan have been putting up with dirt and dust conditions causing hair loss so they’ve had to start clipping everybody’s hair short. The Army barber performing the clipping is reportedly using a photo of a closely shaven Justin Timberlake as a guide.

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2 thoughts on “Trouble In Britney & Justin Relationship?

  1. Syndney says:

    And good for those fans but not everyone is going to like Nsync and not everyone is going to Backstreet. Where is 5ive when you need them. Oh wait they broke up. UGH!

  2. britnickjessjustin says:

    I didn’t pay much attention to the show i was mainly listening to it while doing other things. did they show Britney in the front row when they showed her with Justin’s mom?? i think that is where she was originally assigned to sit.

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