Troubles On Mariah’s Asia Tour

Jeannette Walls of reports that the Asian leg of ’s world tour isn’t shaping up like her promoters had hoped, according to a source, and some gigs may get cancelled.

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10 thoughts on “Troubles On Mariah’s Asia Tour

  1. MistySl says:

    Old News, They couldn’t find a venue to fit Mariah’s boobs.

  2. Maddie says:

    Actually MistySlut, That Asian leg was not part of the original set of dates at the beginning of the tour. Once the tour started, she was requested to do China and Philippines, she agreed, but it was too late for the request so they couldn’t find a venue available for the dates they wanted…….that, my child, is the reason why the Asian leg is not happening. I feel bad for the Asian fans that were looking forward to see her but is probably better that way, this tour has been way to long, Mariah needs a good rest before she starts filming the new movie “Sweet Sciense”…… We want her back home already!

  3. MistySl says:

    I already read that Ms. Scary could not get a venue. I just believe that in order to get her big balloons into the venue, they needed an out-door venue. Those boobs are huge.

    Girlfriend, I’ve read the new articles, I was joking

  4. olivia1984 says:

    Why the hell do you keep talking about her boobs? Are you jealous or something?

  5. Maddie says:

    I’ll tell you what Mariah has done for me read on… Besides having an amazing talent and a beautiful voice, her lyrics have touched me in ways and situations that you wouldn’t understand, I get upset sometimes at the fact that people spend way too much time criticizing her for things that are there or aren’t real about her, she doesn’t get the credit she deserves for her talent and what she has brought into music……however people that can only belt out a song, with a nice voice but are not even singing their thoughts are praised, and it’s not fair!!! Since you ask why I like her so much…….I want to know why YOU hate her so much!? that I cannot understand, what has she done to you to deserve being talked about that harshly????……..I understand you don’t like the DIVA way or attitude, but what makes you think that all is said about her or any other so called diva is true????…….don’t you know that the press loves a good made up gossip?

  6. MistySl says:

    Dear Maddie aka Goodie 2shoes, read my response. It’s not that I hate Mariah Scarey, I’m anti-diva. It’s so boring so see someone so caught up in being a diva and being perfect, the right camera angle, tons of make-up, hair blowing in the wind in every video. She’s so tense about being perfect, she’s lost her sense of voice. She’s so caught up in people hating her, she’s forgot to love herself. She is a mess. Yes, she has a nice voice and Good for her–that she writes her own songs. But, what’s behind that phoney smile, that broken-heart, Chaka Khan said it best: She has compromised her talent to sell pop records.

  7. Maddie says:

    Goodie 2 shoes?……that’s cute thank you :) You know, at least you are the only person here that one can talk to, at least you can reason, unlike others that just have fun making fun of fans……. But anyways, there is some true to what you say, I honestly respect your opinion, and you have the right to feel that way. This is what I think about that, there is a lot of pressure from the industry and industry-people in regards to marketing, unfortunately Mariah has been caught up in it after her breakdown where the press had a field day and kicked her awhile she was down……she has developed a defense mechanism towards the press after seeing little support. As far as the make-up, the dresses, the photo on the right side, ask yourself, is there something wrong on wanting to look good for a picture that’s going to be around the world and all magazines used as an advertisement???…..I don’t think Mariah is so much trying to be perfect, cause no body is perfect in this world, but trying to give fans a decent, pretty picture of herself, tell me a celebrity who for a video, album cover, or magazine interview can care less about their appearance and not wanting to look their best for others……everyone does it one way or another……that she has a broken heart? maybe, but do you now why?…..then why keep on kicking her about her own personal troubles? why not concentrate on songs like recently, Though The Rain, or My Saving Grace? at least it gives her songwriting a sense of purpose to help others if not herself…..REMEMBER ONE THING THE DIVA LABEL NEVER CAME FROM MARIAH HERSELF..OTHERS LIKE TO NAME FEMALE ARTIST LIKE THAT, ANYONE CAN BE A DIVA NOWADAYS.

  8. monarc20 says:

    (Maddie) your 100% right, The only reason she canceled was because she had to. She wanted to give all the fan’s her best and she kept adding date’s onto the Tour so everyone that did get to see her yet would be able to. Now the Director of the Movie she’s gonna be in want’s to start filming. So Mariah has to start filming now or she will lose the part. This is obviously a really great role for her to wan it so bad. So let’s trust that MC knows what she doing cause ya can’t stop her. Plus she said that she will Do a Tour in Asia next year.

  9. mikemc says:

    You gotta love the haters, their brains are so delusional they’ll think of anything!!!! SAD SAD SAD!!! If they really knew anything they would know that Mariah sold out EVERY show when she was in Japan during the beginning of the “Charmbracelet Tour”, and where not talking like 2 or 3 shows, were talking 8 or 9 shows. And she is one of the BIGGEST international stars in Asia AND Australia, her “Merry Christmas” album is the biggest selling album by an international artist in Asia and Japan. The reason why things aren’t shaping for the Asian leg of the tour is because it was NEVER included, if you go to Mariah’s official website and look up her tour dates you would see they are not on there. Then as the tour progressed they figured it would be a good idea to do a few shows in Asia, but being under such a time crunch they couldn’t book the appropriate venues, thus leading to it not working out. Doesn’t change the fact that MC is SELLING OUT ARENAS in Europe!!!! Her London concert in Wembley Arena just sold out, approximately 12,000 seats, and her Paris concert has only 439 standing seats left out of 17,000 seats!

  10. MistySl says:

    Your Dedication to Mariah is astonishing. If it makes you happy..go ahead’, ‘I’m not a hater, I’m not stupid, I know the woman can sing. I thought she was nice at her little meet & greet. But trust me, she’s messed-up in the head. But, she’s not the only one. Christina talks about being down in the dumps, Britney talks about needing a break and Madonna is so much of a freak, and a man, that she rolls with the punches and laughs all the way to bank. But Mariah, is very open with her pains, her fears and that makes her vulnerable. But at the end of the day all of us bitches know that ho has a great voice. But her image is really messed up. If it makes you feel good to love her, girl do it. That’s on you, but hating is so much fun.

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