Trump On Britney: ‘What Happened To This Person?’

Donald Trump was on ‘Larry King Live’ on Monday (October 15) where the CNN host asked if he was Britney Spears’ father, how would he have raised the singer. “You know, I knew Britney five years ago when she was hot as a pistol,” Trump said. “Of course, I guess you can say she’s hot now. Everyone is talking about her. But she performed for me numerous times at different venues that I own. And she was the cleanest, nicest, most — I will never forget, she went on the stage in Atlantic City, and she was with like a prayer group. And everybody got together. They had a Bible in the middle, they put their hands on the Bible. I’m saying, what happened to this person? And the 15-year-old and 17-year-old young girls, she was like their idol. I have never seen an image change so much for the bad side.” Asked if he blamed Britney’s parents Lynne and Jamie, Trump said, “I think the mother is distraught. I think the mother did a great job until something happened. You know, it’s interesting, Kevin Federline, I was never a big fan of his, and then I heard his all-time hero is Donald Trump. In fact, they sent… It is unbelievable. He came in with a suit – this is like two years ago. He came in all dressed up with a suit and tie. He said, my all-time hero is Donald Trump. I think he’s fantastic. He has done a great job with Britney. But the fact is, from the day he met her, it’s not exactly like she turned out so good.”

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