Trump On Britney: ‘What Happened To This Person?’

Donald Trump was on ‘Larry King Live’ on Monday (October 15) where the CNN host asked if he was ’ father, how would he have raised the singer. “You know, I knew Britney five years ago when she was hot as a pistol,” Trump said. “Of course, I guess you can say she’s hot now. Everyone is talking about her. But she performed for me numerous times at different venues that I own. And she was the cleanest, nicest, most — I will never forget, she went on the stage in Atlantic City, and she was with like a prayer group. And everybody got together. They had a Bible in the middle, they put their hands on the Bible. I’m saying, what happened to this person? And the 15-year-old and 17-year-old young girls, she was like their idol. I have never seen an image change so much for the bad side.” Asked if he blamed Britney’s parents Lynne and Jamie, Trump said, “I think the mother is distraught. I think the mother did a great job until something happened. You know, it’s interesting, Kevin Federline, I was never a big fan of his, and then I heard his all-time hero is Donald Trump. In fact, they sent… It is unbelievable. He came in with a suit – this is like two years ago. He came in all dressed up with a suit and tie. He said, my all-time hero is Donald Trump. I think he’s fantastic. He has done a great job with Britney. But the fact is, from the day he met her, it’s not exactly like she turned out so good.”

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