‘Try This’ Is Lighter Fare From Pink

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post reviewed ’s new album ‘Try This’. He writes, “Compared with her hip-hop debut disc, ‘Missundaztood’, ‘Try This’ is much lighter fare and has less to say about her personally. Somehow Pink doesn’t jump as high, run as fast or cuss as loud as she has in the past.”

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3 thoughts on “‘Try This’ Is Lighter Fare From Pink

  1. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Apparently this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about…her debut was “Can’t Take Me Home.” I’ve always liked Pink and I’m disappointed that she didn’t stay true to her first fan base. I understand artistic growth and being true to herself, but it’s like she’s abandoned what made her big.

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    I don’t really like her songs normally, but I do like what she does with her voice on trouble. It’s kinda cool.

  3. Mimi_Red says:

    Totally agree with JuniorGirl04…I LOVED the original Pink, I can’t believe how great she was and how far she is from that now.

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