Tuning In Nelly Furtado

One unforeseen outcome of ’s startling success with her debut ‘Whoa Nelly!’ was fame and fortune – and the accompanying jetset lifestyle, invitations to celebrity parties and glitzy premieres. It’s not what she expected or intended. “When I dreamt about stardom it was never glossy or glamorous. It was a romantic, bohemian thing, where I got to travel the world and gig,” she tells the New Zealand Herald. “You have to remind yourself of that – and that there’s more to this [music] than just the glamour, otherwise it can play on your mind. You’ve got to remember who you are, inside, and what your goals are, as a musician. If you do that – if you maintain your integrity and keep an eye on those goals – you’ll be able to sleep at night, like I do.”

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